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Welcome to the second of the 2 new sections of the blog , the first one being the new hiking section : they’re related of course and often a blog post will pop up in both categories for those that use the post category function on my website.  With over 500 published posts now even i have to spend a lot of time searching for a particular post when i want to refer to it often to answer a question or highlight a point on other social media.

Blog time : It’s early August 2020 and i’m 7 months into my own experiment with the LCHF (Low carb/healthy fat) and Ketogenic diet, and added to that some Intermittent Fasting (IF) and 7 months of various forms of training/exercise as well.  As i write, i’m some 16 Kg lighter than when i started out, although i’m now only losing weight slowly i’m still getting steadily leaner….i also seem to have reversed my Hypertension and arthritic pain : now i just hurt because iv’e done lots of miles and heaved a 100 Kg barbell around !

This section then, only needs a brief introduction… does what it says on the tin !, here you’ll find all of my old posts about my previous attempts at ‘diet’ and training : some of that is still valid today, for example that i still train out on the back deck with very simple equipment.  In this section i will be talking a lot about my specific training for long distance hiking over big mountains and/or deep canyons while carrying a big load.

The big difference this time is that i attended to nutrition first and exercise second rather than what i did in the past which was all about the exercise and nothing about the ‘diet’.  Today i don’t even consider that i’m on a ‘diet’….i just mainly eat low carb and real food and do practice a time restricted window of eating and not eating : i happen to think that i’m eating very well and i’m just not dependent on biscuits and cakes as my ‘happy’ pills.




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