Moving on.

Writing again.

Changes to the blog.

New blog categories.

Blog time : it’s early August and i seem to be back in the flow of blogging and writing again except that a lot of what i’m writing about now is different to my previous output : everything changes though so why should a blog be any different ?.

Right now, i’m trying to not be the owner of a cruising boat although i am working on my bushcraft boat/adventure boat project, at least in my mind although it will have to wait a while yet before anything practical happens.   Mainly what i’m working on is my hiking training with at least a couple of hours on the trail every day, this week i’m back on the metal with 2 free-weights sessions and then the full 3 a week from Monday next.

What i want to talk about briefly today is that i’m changing things around in the blog with a new menu on the public page, the one that you see : that will have several new categories including the new hiking section, a nutrition and fitness blog and the future boat project under ‘sail and awe’.  Iv’e changed the front page and blog introduction to reflect my changing priorities and i’m working towards creating a more regular output again but using specific days for my key topics.

The new blog categories which appear on the menu include a new Hiking blog and a new Nutrition and Fitness category , as i work through my old posts i will re label older posts that fit within those or if they are very out of date i’ll just archive them and as i have time, write a new and updated post on that subject.  I am writing new sailing posts…or at least posts that relate to sailing and seamanship in my new section ‘sail and awe’.  Some posts obviously cross several categories so a single post may appear in several menu categories.  This change and that i’m slowly working through old posts and tagging them should make posts older to find …..recently many potential buyers have been requesting posts about my own boat….and they’re all over the place in boats, cruising , seamanship and the 2 cruising categories !.

I hope that makes sense and that visitors find it easier to navigate the blog without me having to re design the entire website…..take a look at the new introduction and if you have time take a quick look at any category to see if you can find relevant posts.


Moving on to new adventures, come over and share the story :

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