The Hiking posts.

Welcome to the new section of my blog.

Blog time : it’s almost the end of July 2020 , soon i might not be a boat owner any more after having made the difficult decision to move on and get on with other things while i have the chance to do so.   A lot of that is related to me having had a partial knee replacement, 2 years ago now, and knowing that iv’e only got about 10 years useful life out of that one before it may well need a more complex revision… it’s time to get fit , really and truly mountain fit again, and get out there again.  Plus, as i said recently and taking a quote from J.R Tolkien :

I want to see mountains again Gandalf…..mountains !”

Some visitors and regular readers might know that iv’e been going hard at it with a major change in my health, diet and fitness since January this year.  In short i went ‘full retard keto’ with a LCHF/Keto diet , then added intermittent fasting (IF) and painfully at first, an exercise programme.  Now, 7 months in and i’m 16 Kg lighter , 6 to 7 inches leaner and a whole lot fitter just in terms of my hiking ability.  For those that are interested in the subject i’m also going to write a new introduction in my second new category which will be a revamped fitness and diet section : i also run a small Keto diet group on Facebook if you prefer that kind of (anti) social media !

Plans and goals .

Right now i’m just enjoying getting out on the lanes and trails around my small part of east Cornwall…given that we live in the Tamar valley, an AONB apparently, we have lots of good footpaths and several trails through the nearby woodlands.  Often now i walk over to our nearest town which is about 8 miles cross-country and just over 2 hours walk at average speed.

Officially i’m training for a potential ‘big trip’ to the USA in late 2021 : my intention being to visit and explore some of the Utah canyonlands and then do a road trip down through Arizona and into the eastern side of the High Sierra mountains of California.  There, i’m working out a couple of multi-day backpacking trips in the Yosemite/John Muir wilderness areas and maybe the Kings Canyon/Inyo parks as well.  It’s all ‘big’ stuff in a very different climate and environment to damp Cornwall and as yet iv’e got a long way to go in my training.

Right now though i’m just enjoying my daily hike even if at times it seems that i’m wearing a groove in some of the nearest trails.

Training with my new pack.


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