Cruising France.

Welcome to the Cruising France section of my blog.

Title photograph : Port launay/Chateaulin.

This section does what it says on the tin….it’s all about my sailing voyages to and from the Brittany coasts and the cruising i have done there, firstly in my Frances 26 a few years back and more recently the longer trips i did in my little Hunter Liberty WABI”’.

My base is in a tidal river on the UK’s south west coast so my cross channel passages have always been at the wide end of the channel and my most challenging singlehanded sailing passages.  Most of my cruising around the French coast has been in northern, western and southern Brittany, very little anywhere else but i do happen to think that Brittany has all the best bits anyway !

The longest series of posts here all come from 2019 when i retired from my job one day and quite literally the next day jumped aboard my little boat and started heading down the Tamar and getting ready for the long channel crossing to L.Aber-Wrach : that was a pretty horrible crossing with a big wind against tide chop and just a bit ‘lively’ .  That year though i had the luxury of spending as much time as i wanted , anywhere i wanted to be and in the end i actually spent over 3 months cruising there.



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