Keto car crash January.

Fitness blog (haha) post : January

Hello, my name’s Steve and i’m a fat bastard !.

I could just end the post there and carry on with eating the entire chicken that’s on my desk ; don’t worry…it’s dead and i’m on a diet .

I’ll cut straight to the car chase here : in blog time it’s the beginning of the second week in January, today we ordered the materials for the workshop storage, hit the supermarket for dead chickens and after that i went ‘full keto’.  For those that are wondering what that is i’m referring to a diet that creates ketosis as a side effect of metabolising body fat and that will happen normally when calories out exceed calories in but which can be accelerated by eating certain things and not eating others.  In my case the ‘not eating’ is a huge reduction of carbohydrates and an increase in eating protein and fat.  Just to complete the total car-crash diet i’m also cutting down hugely on my caffeine intake so, right now, iv’e got a caffeine withdrawl/carbs withdrawl headache all rolled into one. This week isn’t so bad : next week i go ‘full exercise’ as well but i still need to think about that because most of the things i used to do (as exercise) i can’t do as much of because even with one new knee joint lots and lots of walking isn’t great and not fantastically effective either.

I will keep this short today.  There isn’t that much to say in fact, the long (and wide) of it is that i’m very overweight , not fit enough for a long term project, and i’m addicted to sweet stuff.  The approach that iv’e decided to take is the dietary one first, essentially implementing an Atkins style ketosis induction by going with the high protein, moderate fat and low carbohydrate approach.  The most important part i think is what i am doing when i first wake up which stops being coffee and biscuit and becomes coffee then high protein breakfast : this morning we only had one egg in the house so i had that with some bacon and 1 slice of toast, tomorrow it’s going to be ham and eggs for breakfast and lots of chicken later on.

What i used to have for breakfast was always toast or toasted fruit bread which is yummy but leaves me hungry and craving more carbs about an hour later and the temptation has always been to stop whatever i am doing at that point and have coffee and biscuit/s ; the problem being that the cycle just repeats.  I know enough about physiology to fully understand that cycle and the trick seems to be to start off the day not doing that.

In the next few days i know that i will dump a lot of water so iv’e taken the slightly unusual step of not weighing until that process has slowed down ; from previous experience that takes about a week.  You could say that ‘weight is weight’ but what really counts is the loss of visceral fat and i’ll notice that first by a loss of waist circumference ; one of my key inducements to this process being that i couldn’t get into my heavy cordura work pants when i was bashing brambles last month.

So, this is the first post of 12 this year in which i intend to chart my progress towards leaner, lighter, fitter and stronger : i’m not sure how to tie the diet and exercise with my cruising this year but i’m also working on that.



Post script.

In real time, just before i post to the blog,  it’s near to the end of my first month on a low carb, high fat (LCHF) diet and iv’e only got 3 full weeks experience and results so far but i do consider it worth the effort to record how it’s going.

Weight…is the first thing that most people want to hear about even though it’s not the most useful metric ; anyway, i’m down from just under 100 kg to just over 95 kg in those 3 weeks, close to a 5kg loss.

Water….i’m very conscious that i had a diueritc phase towards the end of week 1 and i think iv’e just had a second one so clearly some weight loss is due to that.

Pain reduction….for a few years iv’e been getting an annoying, arthritic type pain in both hands when i try and settle down at night, notably along 2 fingers but generally iv’e been getting the sensation that my whole hand feels ‘claw-like’…..well that’s completely gone except that i can induce the same pain (i tried) by having a sugary snack in the evening : all it took for me was a couple of biscuits and that night my hands ached like a bitch !

Side effects…..i slept very badly in the first week and that smoothed out until i did a 22 hour fast ( i’m routinely doing 16 : 8 IF) and had a very restless night with that.  I was constipated at first, in fact i went 5 days with no bowel movement at all at the start. I feel a lot more alert most of the time, seem to be able to focus better and have more energy for heavy work.

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