The next stage in the fitness blog series.

It is a core principle of mine that physical training should never be a static enterprise but should progress and ‘go somewhere’ thus just doing the same thing over and over doesn’t lead to good results.   My take on this is that it is a very good idea to have a goal or several goals in mind, work towards and try to achieve them and then re-boot and set new goals.   Goals don’t have to be “lose x amount of weight” in fact i think that is a very misguided goal when some of that weight is lean mass !.  It is though still my primary goal to lose ‘fat’ weight and add lean mass where i can but i do also have secondary goals in mind : one of these is a goal-within-goal which is to try for a while to achieve some degree of consistency and discipline within my own training rather than just doing what i feel like doing that day.

Just before our sailing break i had a few intense physical work days and then did absolutely nothing other than sit on my butt and sail a boat for 10 days….oh and ate far too many cakes !.      Time then to re-boot the exercise with a whole new plan and get it all back on track again.


I’m fairly happy with what i have achieved so far which is an overall loss of weight (19 lbs) but possibly with a small increase of lean mass in that my upper arms and shoulders are thicker again from all those press-ups.  On the exercise front i completed the 100 heavy carry’s of retrieving and ‘rucking’ firewood : my estimate is something over 7000 lbs of firewood carried over about a half-mile distance. I did get my press-ups up to over 100 most work days with a peak of 160 one day and a couple of times i have done 25 in a set.  I only added chins/pull-ups quite late and that is lagging behind as yet.  Just before the break i stacked 80 kg on the bar and did a few deadlifts at that weight.


What next then ?

Ok so i need a new plan as its good to change things around after 3 months of mainly working on the same things but in a slightly loose way.    What i have been looking for is a series of ‘100’ challenges which i can do with what i have now rather than adding say gym visits into the mix.  Right now i think there is still huge mileage in the non-gym approach but might need a temporary gym membership in the late winter here when it can often be miserable cold and wet.  The timing of my re-boot is conveniently that this stage will take me right through to December which is when the problem period for training outside really kicks in.  If then i find i would benefit from 3 months at a gym then that’s not too bad although i will still be doing some of my exercises as now in the comfort of where i work which is always warm and dry !

For now i am happy to continue with the main exercises that i have been doing except that i need to focus on some that i haven’t developed yet (pull-ups and squats) and introduce the one thing i really dislike ie running but in the form of very short intense runs/sprints.   I can see that i might soon need a couple more weight plates so that i can get that 100kg on the bar…might also add a home made squats cage up in the back garden.

So lets take a look at the series of ‘hundreds’ that i have cunningly designed today.

  1. To go out and cut/retrieve one hundred pieces of firewood from deadfall in the local woods and carry those home.
  2. One hundred pull-ups/chin-ups a week.
  3. One hundred days of high protein, moderate fat, low carbs ketotic diet.
  4. One hundred days of one hundred press-ups a day.
  5. One hundred short run/sprints.
  6. A one hundred kilogram deadlift.

How’s that for a plan ?

What my training diary should now look like is that the challenge day , say day 4, should look like :

Challenge day 4.                                                                                                                                     Diet days : 4                                                                                                                                             Press-ups ( x 100) : 4

However some of the variables might be more or less that day, for instance today i have :

Firewood carry’s : 7                                                                                                                               Runs : 5                                                                                                                                                     Chins/pulls : 50/100 this week.

There is some reasonable critique of the 100 press-ups per day for example as it will be too hard for many and far too easy for some.  For me it seems to be the sweet spot where its hard enough but achieveable and there are min challenges that i van take on within that .  Today’s mini challenge for example was to do the 100 press-ups in just 4 sets so that meant having to either do 25 a set or as i did today doing 3 at above that and having an easier one at the end when i was fatigued by also doing deadlifts.

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