Fitness training report day 7.

My new fitness training project covers 100 days starting at the beginning of last week, as i write it is day 7 and a useful day to make sure that i am on track.  While several of my ‘hundreds’ challenges will only pan out over the 100 days there is one that is based on achieving 100 chin-ups/pull ups per week and in fact that is the one that i got behind on during the week.

As of day 7 the two things that i must have completed to be on track at this early stage are to have done 100 press-ups every day and stuck to a pretty lean diet each day as well. I am glad to say today that its a tick in both boxes.  Day seven is also of course 1 week so at this stage i must have done 100 chins/pulls over the week. (ticked)

Diet. Here is what i have been doing :

Breakfast has either been eggs on toast or just toast and spreads (PB is favourite for fat, protein and carbs).  If its a work day i tend to have just the toast as i then have a protein shake at work once  have finished my pre-shift workout.   Lunch has changed up from a protein shake to a mixture of chicken and tuna made up in some mayo with some extra ‘kick’ in it…seems to work well.  Evening meal tends to either be an ommelette and some hash browns if its after a work day and when i haven’t had eggs for breakfast.

One day a week i will allow myself a bit of a treat and that means that if and only if i am on track then i get coffee AND cake when i go out once a week at most.

Training then.  I have made the crucial ‘hundred’ so far ie the press-ups.  In fact this week i achieved one new high point of getting 33 in one set which i was incredibly happy with for all of the next 33 seconds until of course i realised that i will have to top that now.  What it has meant is that during the last 2 workouts i did my press-ups in just 4 sets.

Rucks/firewood.  17 cut and carry done so far.  That only means 17 pieces rather than 17 loads as i can’t see a way of getting that many loads in over the 100 days.  In normal conditions i can only complete 1 of the new carry’s per day and only 2 or 3 times a week.  Each load works out at around 25 kg but is a much longer carry out.  At this rate i will get strongly ahead on the carry’s but that will drop back again when i am doing other things : can’t do them on work days or when i am away at the boat.

Runs. The one exercise that i really wasn’t looking forward to.  I am only doing short hill-sprints during my home gym workouts, totally hating the running but i can see its value.

Deadlift .  Just loaded up to 80kg this week as i had 3 weeks off.  I also re-introduced squats with the oly-bar.  Today i did sets just with the bare bar, then at 25kg and then 30kg….remember that i don’t have any way of getting the bar up onto my shoulders other than doing an overhead press first and bringing the bar down behind my neck and i have to ‘dump’ the bar after a set.

Weight.  Starting weight was 94.4 kg.  Day 6 weight was 93.4kg.   I make that 9.2kg or 20 and a smidgen pounds down so far.  The 10kg mark is my first major benchmark which is now tantalisingly close.

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