Clear the decks for action Mr Mowatt.

Does anyone get the historical and literary reference ? or is it just me who reads far too much Napoleonic wars era naval action !.

The next stage in my preparation to start weights training at home is to clean and prepare the deck that i use as my home gym. The decking was here when we bought the place : in fact one of the very first things that happened to me here is that i went arse over apex on the green and slippery wood when i was stripping years worth of brambles, ivy and bindweed off the fence that used to border the property….the fence largely fell apart at the same moment so it was score one each !.

The deck now has a lean-to cover over it as its intended use was an outdoor sitting area but under cover and outdoor kitchen, the small blockhouse is an outside loo which runs off rainwater btw. The deck obviously gets really green and slippery during the winter and spring so i usually have to scrub and bleach it a couple of times a year….looks quite nice and buff once its done, bit like a classic yacht’s deck.


While that is bleaching and drying off in the breeze i have been cleaning the kit off : the olympic bar has gone rusty and the weights-plates are covered in leaves and cobwebs !, i’ve got one kettlebell although the other one seems to have been ‘acquired’ down at the yard : it was being used as a dynamic warp weight so thats a loss.  I could do with a pull up bar again : what i used to do here is hook my hands flat onto the front roof cross-beam and heave up on that and that’s great for a climber with amazing hand control but less effective for a fat bastard so i need to look into getting a new pull-up bar or maybe a pair of rings…i could make those probably.    Next job is to scrub off the bench that i will be doing ‘steps’ (more correctly weighted single leg step-ups) for lactate training : after that what would be really useful is a squat rack or even better a squats safety cage.

Scrub the bench so that i don’t fall off that.

003 (2)

Dust the plates off.


Put it all together.

005 (3)

Now : what else do we need ?  …………………………

Ah yes : clothes !

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