Things i didn’t do (this week).

Where do we start ?, oh yes i didn’t bid on this boat : this is the Waarschip 725 quarter-tonner up in North Wales. Its some 330 miles from my house, i had really only one day to get up there, see the boat and get home and there is no way that i could have tolerated sitting driving for 12 or 13 hours.  To be honest i really wanted to see 2 boats in one day as there is a Dehler 25 on a trailer up there as well and that could save another potential trip in the Autumn when i make a decision about boats.


I did speak with the boat’s owner and found out a few things about the boat, mainly that it has the race-keel configuration which is the one i don’t want but at the price the boat was still viable as a project but without seeing it i didn’t want to commit that much cash.

The second thing i didn’t do is go and join the posh gym just over the road from the hospital, i looked into the membership rules and the only way to even keep the cost at £60 a month was to commit to 12 months and as soon as we do 60×12 thats £720 not going on a boat ! and i reckon i can do the same job at home maybe with a little investment in kit.   I was thinking that although the posh gym is a huge place most of the space is taken up by the indoor tennis and squash courts, the swimming pools, the fitness ‘studio’s’ , the bar etc etc and the only space i really use is a small strip alongside one wall in the main upstairs gym : most of that is taken up by useless exercise bikes, treadmills and the like and the real stuff is jammed onto one wall….i have nearly the same space at home.  ok so the changing room is useful but i have one in the department and there is a shower just down the corridor at work and of course i have changing facilities at home !. Would have been nice maybe to have access to the pool again but that is a nicety rather than a necessity.

Ok what else :  well i didn’t get to see a physiotherapist about my back either, at work i had walked around to the main physio department and filled out a self-refferral as a member of staff and then a few days later got a letter from them asking me to phone and make an appointment, all fine and dandy.  What then transpired was a total Catch-22 in that the department then refused to see me/treat me because i have just registered with a new GP practice that is outside the Plymouth financial cachment area so there is no funding available….even though i am a member of staff !.   Now : i remained very polite with the nice receptionist as the managers policy isn’t her fault but is absolute beaurocratic bullshit that the dept won’t treat a member of hospital staff and for a problem that is most likely work related !.  Welcome to the BS of the NHS internal market and postcode lottery.

Today : i haven’t driven down to Looe for the Looe-Luggers festival as Chris and Julia haven’t taken Spirit Of Mystery round there….its minging here and they have sensibly gone off somewhere else.  I couldn’t get my boat round there anyway so i would only have been able to film from the dock so its no great loss to be sat in the warm instead.

Finally my training efforts this week were predictably a bit hit and miss : i did manage to crank out a few press-ups with difficulty and after a warm-up had a quick squat session with a light KB so maybe i am still on for some free weights this week as the outside gym is ready to go and as i am gutting-out days at work i may as well accept the pain and do something useful at home too.

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