Where most of it is happening right now.

I have been spending a lot of my time out in the mancave working on bits for the boat, with the yard only 10 minutes away its much less of a hassle to go down there with a part or just notebook and pencil, measure up and then come back to the workshop where more of my tools and materials are and work from there.001.JPG

I took this opportunity to get a picture because its just had its spring clean and clear-out : couple of weeks back i could hardly get in there.  Its a very odd building : one wall is slate and i am told that was one wall of what used to be the steam engine house of the mine that it served effectively ‘next door’…..the garden next door fell into the shaft some years ago and the house had to be demolished.  The rest of it is made from wonky concrete blocks and a dodgy roof, the whole thing is pleasantly cool and damp !, absolutely ideal for temperature and humidity sensitive laminating.

Our cottage is one of the former mine cottages and yes we had to be very careful about the mines searches, that and i don’t grow anything in the base-soil as its likely to be contaminated with arsenic. None of the floor is level no wall is straight or square and its all very quirky, i maintain that it was built by a miner high on firedamp and pissed as a fart on local scrumpy.

Jobs in the mancave this week : well the new tiller is getting its n’th coating of deks-olje, the contraption has had its kevlar anti-chafe laminated on and i am not happy with it having just worked out a simpler and neater way of doing the job but hey….what else ?…the electrics box is in for spray painting once i get the paint and the tool bag is home being reorganised.


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