Its been dry here but very cold and windy so i have mainly been working in the workshop with brief forays down to the boat to measure, survey and dry-fit the new parts. Yesterday i was scurrying back from the workshop to get the next part cured off over some warmth when my neighbour commented on the way that i was making a ‘contraption’ : i said that it was worse ie that it was a ‘thingy’.  Now my neighbour steve who is older than me works on the parts counter of a major car and garage chain so he is used to customers walking in and asking for a ‘thingy’ aka part for their car….of course they usually don’t know what make or year and certainly not what the ‘thingy’ is actually called.

The new ‘thingy’ is or at least is intended to become a new stern fairlead so that i can deploy the anchor chain over the cockpit coaming, part of the new system of stern-deploying a bow anchor.  The first and second parts are already complete ie the bow fairlead and the side-deck mooring cleat taken off the bow.  Here is the new part in progress.  The basic idea here is a ply plate either side of the cockpit coaming joined by a wedge shaped piece at the top.



On the outside plate (second picture) i intend to mount a roller so that the chain will be deployed over the rubbing strake (i have seen a dolphin-striker fitting that might work) and a cleat on the inside face so that i can temporarily cleat the chain. At this stage of writing i have the whole thing shaped off for now and epoxy coated/filled.  The problem with this one as with the similar bow roller would be the chain chewing away at the ply and epoxy so the next stage is to lay kevlar cord over and into the ‘cup’ .  I have been thinking about having the whole thing removeable with a bolt through one part of the coaming as i can just about get to the inside of the coaming from the cockpit locker although i admit that a small child with double-jointed hands would come in useful.

Stage 3.

Back in the workshop again and laying on the kevlar cord chafe protection.  Last night i force-cured the epoxy basecoat and cut a series of shallow grooves across the inside face of the ‘cup’.  I kept the whole thing warm overnight just to harden everything, quickly went down to the boat for a second dry-fit and then got on the bench again to glue (epoxy) the kevlar cord on.



Its taken a while because i have had to stay in the workshop continually teasing out the kevlar fibres and stroking them down to make sure they adhere properly , i might yet add some more kevlar runs in-between the first ones and then run some sloppy filler over all of them just to help bed them down.  The next stage is to add the hardwear which will be : 1 an osculati bow roller intended for dolphin strikers on the outboard face, secondly a cleat on the inside and thirdy the eyebolt that will hold the whole thing on…that will have a short strop and a chain or tack hook to catch the chain for example when i have the anchor hanging just over the side.

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