I guess a time will come when i can’t think of single word titles for each blog although on the journey i could just be dead lazy and call each one by its place name !, today though i want to talk about the blog itself and what i am going to try and do with it…the meta-blog if you will.   I have only been up and running for few weeks now, didn’t get many views at all thought that perhaps that’s the way it would stay until i either got films up or had a sudden rush of oxygen to the brain and started producing sparkling prose and award winning photography : fat chance, at best i am more likely to have had a brainfart and completely forgotten even how to spell words like ‘bloggy’ even if they do or don’t exist.

Sorry folks its been a long and shitty day at the factory, i am tired, hungry and thirsty but i have been thinking about this stuff for a couple of days so may as well get in pixels sooner than later.   The main idea here is that i get to talk about interesting boats, interesting places and the people that i meet along the way and the ‘way’ here is to be my planned journey around the Uk.  I guess there is an automatic comparison with our man Dylan and i urgently need to say that i am not him nor am i trying to do what he has done very well so far.  My blog here is more in the direction of a self-published magazine, even a book, written in a long series of short posts. I may or may not add film although at this stage having tried to shoot and edit i just found the whole hugely annoying and counter-intuitive, maybe that’s just a function of me vs software as i don’t even begin to pretend to know what i am doing anywhere near a computer.

So the central theme is the journey, the boats and the people with my little boat at the heart of it : i hope that you guys will get to know WABI”’ well…tempted to re-name her ‘Dirty Wet Dog’ but WABI has become my family-of-boats name so its sticking for now.  Other themes though take in that this story will be acted out on water, i find the sea , sailing and seamanship utterly fascinating but also remember that i have also been a canoeist and sea-kayaker, canoe and bushcraft teacher and wildswimmer so there is every possibility that i will jump into any one of those areas as long as it has water running through it.  Other themes within the thread also follow something that i do on another website where we talk about preparedness, self reliance and survival-y things : does that sound familiar to a sailor ? , well it does to this one.  Right now on the other site i am contributing a thread where i talk about boats more generally for non mariners, i do something there that i would like to do here and that is occasionally highlight boats that other people might consider for a project like this.  That thread idea will appear , its based on an exercise of mine when i first thought about owning a boat again after a break and also incidentally after my own sailing career ended, it also has a beginning in Dylan’s journey in that he took just about one of the worst dogs of a craft and showed us that something like that is really all you need for the journey : again , not what you think you would like but at a much more basic level what you can get away with.  With the 2 things in mind and i will explain my exercise in a later post then i will once in a while find a useful ‘possible’ boat and talk about it especially if its small, quirky and cheap : i have 2 in mind right now and both are on the evilbay as i write.

See you soon….coffee (lots of coffee) and food needed.


  1. Hello there! Are you all ready to leave the safety of your unruffled habor? (..Or river-side..)
    Looking forward to see your videos!
    May all the good energy be with you along this adventure.
    Come back and bring some ropes 🙂


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