Spring cycles.

Health and nutrition blog March 2022.

Blog time ; as i write this morning it’s a very wet Tuesday morning, i’m on day 2 of my current regular weekly cycle which means that i’m fasted, just done my morning heavy carry and i’m at a cumulative total of 300 press ups so far this week. Meanwhile , my rucking pack and outdoor clothes are all dripping in the porch and there’s that old familiar smell of wet boots and kit. This will most likely be one of a pair of posts with which i’ll finish my winter and spring round of health and nutrition posts as i go back into boatbuilding project mode and as i start to work on new material for the boats and sailing side of the blog.

This year so far what iv’e mainly been trying to do is find a regular routine of ‘diet’ and exercise that works for me and that i can carry on with while my focus and attention is on something else – for me keeping my eye on the ball with my exercise and diet works well enough while i keep it front and center in my mind but it’s easy for that to break down when i’m focused on something else and tend to go back into a snacking and food grazing mode in between boat jobs. At the end of last year’s project time for example i was working on the boat pretty well all day and every day of the week in a rush to get the hull planks on and all of the inside epoxy coated before the weather got too cold ; in that routine of work i didn’t think about what and when i was eating at all and took hardly any extraneous exercise. The actual work i did was mainly not physically hard going except for when i spent long days just running a plane along a stringer to shape it but i was so physically active all day and so mentally engaged that i didn’t feel the need to do much else besides.

Since the new year iv’e been doing one or two ‘rucking’ sessions a day and working up to doing a hundred press ups a day – or a cumulative total of 700 a week ; last week, as i write, was the first time i achieved that in this cycle and i note that instead of really struggling just to get ten in a set i now routinely do blocks of 25 every time. On the diet and nutrition side iv’e mostly settled into a regular cycle of the beginning of a week, 2 days, fasted or near-fasted, then 3 days of low carb plus intermittent fasting and then 2 days of doing whatever i feel like – and that often includes going out for coffee and cake with my partner. Thus my current approach to diet isn’t a one mode fits all and every day but is a cycle that starts lean and clean but gets a bit dirty towards the end of the week and to be honest if i over-do the goodies and treats on a Sunday then i actually look forward to the fasting cycle of the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning ……often now i ‘break-fast’ with a big cooked breakfast out as a main meal and treat.

The main feature of my one man experiment over the last two years is how much of my previous knowledge that iv’e had to throw away and start over with – aside from the basic anatomy and physiology of the gut (and of nutrition) everything that i know now is the result of the last two years study. On my desk here i still have a list of questions and threads about diet related disease that iv’e worked on again this winter – and what i find is that with each separate thread iv’e gone further into the subject , like for instance the relationship between sugar and cancer ; this winter though i side-tracked a bit because i felt the need to understand the current problem of Covid and diet based disease.

Right now it looks as though , in the UK at least, that we missed the golden opportunity to discuss obesity/weight and disease seriously without getting side tracked in the absolute BS of fat acceptance – ‘fat and healthy’ and it’s identity politics related ‘fat shaming’. Even my little knowledge of the subject shows two separate things in relation to Covid ; that there is a direct correlation between obesity and severity of respiratory disease , and i wonder if there’s a direct relationship between diet related inflammatory disease. The second thing i looked at is one major point that came up in Robert Lustig’s video which shows a relationship between metabolic disease and obesity……but a very similar relationship between normal weight and metabolic disease : that in a way it might be true to say ‘fat and healthy’ (but if you’re going to say it then prove it !) and certainly true to say normal weight but metabolically diseased……and to not know it.

As for me, i carefully avoided saying anything Covid during the actual pandemic because , in my opinion, there were far too many ‘experts’, far too much media driven BS and far too much noise and little ‘signal’. I know, or used to know, my way around managing ARDS in the ICU because i’m an ex ICU charge nurse and we were doing that way back in the 1980’s when even then we would get the occasional case of an unknown viral cause. Also, like most nurses of my era, i was well trained in mask practice and what i saw throughout the pandemic in terms of public mask practice was truly and ignorantly appallingly bad, even to the extent of taking a mostly ineffective action and making it a potentially dangerous one. Far worse though was a near global level drive to do things and insist on things that were ineffective (and known to be so), or actually dangerous or could be shown to have unintended consequences which governments and almost universally the mainstream media also chose to ignore. Finally, almost (for now) and what was totally ignored was any sense that individuals could have been protecting themselves with simple measures by taking charge of their own basic health – things like weight loss and simple vitamin supplements, rather than being driven and coerced towards ineffective and/or dangerous measures.

As of March 2022 i think it’s reasonable to say that the Covid pandemic is pretty much over as we see cases, hospitalizations and ICU cases falling rapidly – it would be good to see a similar drop in the level of global government over reaction…..ok then lets call it the Covid tyranny of mandates and coercion. If the case numbers recently disclosed in a freedom of information request are true then we have seen some 17,000 deaths solely attributed to the Covid 19 virus and yes – the excess deaths during the same period is a lot higher. However…..we could and should also say that the total number of deaths directly attributed to Covid 19 are a small fraction of the deaths directly related to metabolic disease – which we could also say is a 50 year + phenomenon that we have completely ignored but also where we seem to have gone into a worldwide panic over Covid.

I for one think we’ve got our priorities wrong as the entire healthcare system seems to have ignored everything except Covid 19 for 2 years.

Time for a walk down to the river i think.

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