February……progress ?

Health and nutrition/one man’s health February 2022.

In a companion post to this piece i made some comments about starting out on a fitness or diet kick on the basis of a new year’s resolution – iv’e been down that route myself in the past and always failed or just lost heart and given up after a few weeks. My experience with a gym based rehab and fitness programme some years back worked well for me for two concurrent years of membership but i noted at the time how many enthusiastic new members simply disappeared by mid February ; around about now seems to be the cut off point when that initial enthusiasm wanes because it’s hard to see any progress and other distractions get in the way.

As i write i’m at that difficult 6 week point , iv’e just had a slack weekend and found it very difficult to motivate and discipline myself to get out there and do a ‘ruck’ circuit this morning – the worst part being that i could sense one part of my mind just finding excuse after excuse to give up and go home ; one ankle was sore, back felt stiff, felt cold and cranky on the trail……etc etc. A few hours later and iv’e done 2 rucking circuits, processed the deadfall that i retrieved and rucked home and then did 125 press-ups in just 5 sets. Given that only a few weeks ago i struggled to do a single press-up and only just got through a group of ten before collapsing into a soggy mess on the kitchen floor , that i’m now doing clean sets of 25 every time isn’t bad……in fact it’s real progress.


So…..am i making any progress other than just being able to crank out a few sets of press-ups ?

To be honest it’s hard to say either yes or no – i’m not weighing at all because my weight always seemed to do it’s own thing on a daily and weekly basis and only really showed a trend taken as a monthly measurement ; one problem when i started training with free weights that time in my 50’s was that my weight would go up after hard exercise and i was actually putting on lean mass. At this point all i can say objectively is that my belt has come in one or two notches (on a good day) so that might mean a loss of belly fat which would be great if it was true. I can’t see any difference but i feel better…..most days i’m going better on my main exercise which is basically carrying weight over distance and i’m almost at my first target on my second exercise which is to get 100 press ups done every day – last week i was well over 500 done over 5 days and in less sets too.

February is, i think, just a difficult month all round for anyone starting out with a diet of any kind and/or a fitness regime too – i for one get SAD (Seasonal affective disorder) quite badly as well as it objectively being a wet and cold month and some say that it’s a generally blank and miserable ‘flat’ time of year. Today was one of those grey, dull and damply flat feeling February days so it was hardly inspiring to be out on the trail – on the other hand i noticed hundreds of fresh green spring bulb spears firing through the leaf mulch so not long now and it’ll be a whole different experience just moving through the woodland where i do my main exercise. Next week, which is week 7 for me i think i’ll be adding a ‘new’ exercise back into my daily routine – i’m not sure quite what yet but it’s one more good sign that i feel like adding , rather than taking away, from my plan…..that i’m 18 hours into a 2 day fast is a good sign that i’m trying to stick with it as well.

Here’s to spring and the important time……towards week 12

First Crocus are flowering.

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