The anchor posts.

January 2022… post category : anchors and anchoring.

Welcome to my new post category within the blog – anchors and anchoring.

Iv’e found that i often answer a question or make comment on a post on sailing related social media about anchors or anchoring techniques and often have to refer back to a post of my own to fill out the detail. I thought it best just to create a new post category where all of my older anchor posts could be found quickly in one place even though many of those posts are from much earlier in the life of the blog where i wasn’t writing well.

In 2019 i spent a good part of the year at sea aboard my little 22 foot Cat-Ketch and i spent most nights during that time at anchor somewhere off the Brittany coast or up one of the many rivers and creeks and the same again when i got back to the UK. Being at anchor and relying on my anchors became my usual way of life even when it meant moving quickly from anchorage to anchorage in changing conditions ; it also meant that i developed my own knowledge and experience a bit more – experimenting with different anchors and techniques for example.

This year i’m setting up a new boat, the one that i’m building right now, and even now i’m working out my first anchor choices, my anchor stowage, warps, rodes and so on ; iv’e even stepped several decades back with my choice of anchor – from the most modern to the most traditional. This year in the blog i’m continuing with my series of posts about boat related incidents and accidents – the important thing in those posts being that they are based firstly on evidence, secondly on experience and only third on anecdotes ; i’m trying to put across what does actually go wrong from the ‘experts’ point of view and also from my limited experience . A quick example here is that anchor failure incidents such as a vessel dragging it’s anchor are quite rare statistically according to the RNLI launch reports – as few as 50 a year in UK waters compared to 1500 launches for engine failure. In my own recent experience i didn’t have an anchor dragging incident even though i sat out several gales during my last autumn cruise but i did have an incident in which i couldn’t retrieve my anchor and neither could i motor or sail away from where i was anchored .

At anchor off Exmouth bar, Devon UK.

For quick reference i’m going to make a linked list of all of my previous anchor related posts here with a quick explanation about each post.

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