Rules rule ok.

Are pointless and senseless rules the ‘rule’ of the day ?

The one hour exercise rule.

Early in the Pandemic the government told us that we could only leave the house for ‘essential’ purposes such as shopping for food and that we were also allowed to have one period of exercise outside ; the extremely strange thing that happened was that many people self-decided that it was a ‘one hour’ rule – that we were only allowed to be outside for an hour at a time and this was never the case. We saw, time and time again locally, many arguments about this on social media and strangely it was nearly always women who were stating ‘one hour rule’ as fact even when it was pointed out that a limit of one hour’s exercise was never set and insisted upon by the government : one argument that i remember ended with the person stating this that even if it wasn’t an actual government introduced rule then ‘it should be’…….a strange example of people immediately moving to make or add to a pointless rule where none existed.

Given that a lot of the early pandemic period happened during a period of good weather when it would have been a health benefit to be outside in the sun rather than a health risk never seemed to get a mention and the rule never made sense even when it was actually one period of exercise with no time limits. A much more intelligent ‘rule’ or guideline perhaps would have been to spend as much time as possible outside with at least 15 minutes of full body sun exposure a day but simply not around other people – there never was a risk of transmission of infection from being alone in the outdoors or for example from having a ‘micro’ pass of someone else on a trail. Rather, there has always been good evidence that just being outside, walking, cycling , swimming etc has always been an enormous health benefit and might actually boost our immunity making us less susceptible to infection.

That the rule, certainly out in the country where i lived, was completely unenforceable without mass surveillance or a ‘stasi’-like network of informers was to me just funny because i completely ignored it and just went out into the country whenever i felt like : in the real world situation that i lived in i met few people on the trail and i noted that the regular walkers just naturally took up a simple and touchingly polite protocol of stepping aside……whoever was in the best spot just seemed to do so. It was as though the ‘based’ walkers that i met on the trail seemed to intrinsically understand a better principle which was to walk alone or in small family groups but to then just give another walker space to pass…..i noted also that there was a surprising amount of politeness and genuine respect in play.

Well, that little power-play by the government is briefly forgotten except for the lingering knowledge is that most people can not only be told what to do, like being told what to do but that they will also create their own rules and insist on them being complied with ……rules rule ok.

In January 2022 that minor stupidity is no longer the rule that it wasn’t even to begin with but since then we’ve been given rule after rule – who we can mix with and meet with, how many, how often inside or out, for how long, what me must to when and what we must not do ; to live with a daily changing rule set we would ideally need a form of technology which could tell us and then monitor our every move…….oh hang on…….isn’t that exactly what China has ?

It gets much much worse, governments tripping over their own ego’s to create new rules on a daily basis is one thing and maybe just a sad fact of the kind of dickheads that have risen, scum-like, to the current top of the pit are one thing but when that idea – lets have rules about everything, extends to seemingly all sectors of life then something is badly wrong ; if you will that when the zeitgesit is rules then we know that something is wrong with society.

Rules have taken over from common sense, care and compassion throughout healthcare because many healthcare staff are the same people that have succumbed to the ‘madness of rules’ and are some of the best at enforcing them – not with fists, boots and batons like the Australian police but with emotional blackmail and weasel-words that sound sort-of good but are ultimately false and hollow. If you have an elderly relative in hospital today that relative is essentially under a form of house arrest and they are only allowed one visitor…..the same visitor that is….per day for the entirety of their stay. To even arrange to go and see a loved one in hospital is a nightmare of form filling and information giving and then your time slot is tightly defined and your stay regulated even when social contact is so desperately what that patient maybe needs. That’s not only impractical for most and bloody hard work for anyone with other responsibilities like jobs and children but is what i would define as a kind of authoritarian evil ,nothing less. In my days of nursing we used to think about the ‘holistic’ (whole person) nature of care……now it’s not even care but rules and regulations by blank faces behind masks.

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