Autumn cruise, post 7

Bump n Grind.

I’m almost a bit disappointed.

It’s mid morning on the day of the forecast 50 knot storm….Lorenzo i think, and here in the anchorage the sun is shining and there’s a bit of wind in the harbour and eddying over the trees to my west but certainly not fifty miles an hours worth ! To my south , in the main moorings field off St Mawes the moored boats are moving around a bit and there’s a bit of wave action but not much, overhead…a few small clouds but not scudding along…..you get the picture !

Yesterday i did all the things a small boat skipper could do to prepare for a big storm at anchor : moved into a sheltered bay, moved even further into that, dried out and walked the swinging circle and then swapped warps and walked the anchor into a better position…..even totally anti-chafed the warp and had the second anchor out of it’s locker and ready to go. Last night i did have a bit of a restless one because what wind there was, and there was more last night than today, was making WABI’’’ roll quite a bit so i didn’t settle until really late and didn’t have enough light to read by. Sometime after 0100 i felt the slight bump n grind of the bilge runners softly thumping and sliding on the hard and gritty mud until she sat down completely …i slept then until the same event in reverse when she bumped for a bit and then floated again. What wind there is, back-eddying over the trees, has been pushing WABI’’’ towards the little beach so iv’e shortened up to a normal scope and i’m thinking about swapping back to my everyday warp if nothing else happens…..no-show Lorenzo perhaps !


Late morning…..there’s a fresh breeze and still some sunshine, it’s a little lively in the main moorings but no sign of small animals and untethered children flying past in the spume and spray !

Normal service resumes then : iv’e got the hatches open and aired the boat right through, brushed the cushions off and continued with the serial job of working my way around the boat and cleaning lockers out….today it was the turn of the big stern locker, right now everything’s out of that and it’s drying out too after a thorough wash. I think the storm is a non-event because the 2 other boats that came and sheltered in the same bay and have both upped anchor and headed off up-creek. They are a couple of 70’s cruising catamarans, heavy and ugly looking things, but owned i think by a couple of middle-aged guys who are both long term liveaboards. If they’ve managed to get an up to date forecast and both pulled out on the strength of it then maybe it’s because the wind direction is set to change or it’s just not a happening thing….i suspect the latter.


Meanwhile…..it’s quite a nice little bay, well sheltered from a gusty wind which is getting up a bit from time to time, my only comment about the bay is the apparent snotty attitude of the house owners here : there’s a big place (called place) that looks like a small mansion and just above the beach where i’m anchored a row of nice looking cottages. I didn’t see any lights at all in the ‘big house’ or in the cottages so maybe the big one is just another second home and the cottages holiday lets. What is noticeable are the signs on boards around the bay….private…private land…private footpath and so on…..the one that really gets my goat is the one that says ‘no overnight mooring’ on the muddy foreshore : that’s just maxed-out nimby-ism !


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