Interesting times.

May you live in interesting times……or maybe not.

Blog time : it’s mid December 2021 and we all seem to be living in ‘interesting times’ although at the same time it seems that most of us are sleepwalking into a tech driven ‘Orwellian’ nightmare of increasing control over our lives : vaccine mandates, vaccine passports, the loss of freedom to protest and even to travel…..most of all the loss of freedom of how we manage our own health.

Today iv’e decided to change the blog and i’ll talk about that in future posts but basically my intention is to put out a short daily blog post about something that is relevant to any of the strange things that are going on.

The very first thing that iv’e done is to create a new social media page (Facebook) called ‘The Interesting Times Gang’ to more widely disseminate the kind of things that i am looking at and trying to get to grips with – the title, by the way, comes from the late Ian Banks science fiction novels and just to go total nerd for a moment is the name of a group of super AI’s in the form of spacecraft that get together and investigate the weird things that happen in that universe. The ships all have names by the way… that comes to mind is Grey Area which seems to sum up a lot of the murky side of misinformation and extreme bias in nearly everything that’s happening – or in many cases not happening.

If you want an example before you think i need fitting for a tinfoil hat then an example of something that’s getting no health advice attention is the total lack of preventative measures that might actually stop people getting sick when infected with Covid 19.

Here’s the link to the page :

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  1. thank you. i’ve ask to join,however please note. My Facebook page uses another email address, being helliconia54@hotmail.(long story)

    “There is magic in the feel of a paddle and the movement of a canoe, a magic compounded of distance, adventure, solitude, and peace.” -Sigurd Olson

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