Christmas…..trees !

It’s boxing day and i’m sitting at the computer, obviously, and writing my Christmas blog piece, only i’m finding it very uncomfortable to tap away at the keyboard because i have dozens of bramble thorn fragments in my fingers from the work i have just been doing.

Today i just finished taking down the the branches and greenery from the neighbour’s conifers as part of the job i’ve been doing to get rid of a Letlandi hedge in the difficult angle between our property, our neighbour’s garden, a patch of unregistered land and the council house just below us on the hill.  It’s difficult to describe the boundary that is formed by the 3 gardens and the unregistered land but thinking of it as an odd ‘Y’ shape with our workshop/garage at the angle of the 3 arms and that would be close.  One of the arms of the Y formed the Leylandi hedge and the other extends along the border of the council property and a piece of land that they own but do very little management of.

That piece of land used to be house and garden until it’s tenant woke up one morning to find their garden disappearing into the mine shaft that was underneath and which had obviously never been filled properly.  That house was taken down, the shaft filled and capped and the site then turned over to grass : now it’s mainly used as the de-facto dog latrine area for the council estate !.   The problem for the tenant of the house next door to the ‘green’ is a huge bramble thicket cum weed-shrub patch that has invaded right up to her fence and a line of fast growing and ‘twisty’ conifers planted along her border.

The tenant has been asking the council to take down the conifers and deal with the bramble thicket for a couple of years and of course being a council they do ‘slope-y shoulders’ and deny any responsibility for the job : which is why i ended up taking it on as part of the Leylandi removal project.   As of today my neighbour in the council house now has daylight in her garden for the first time in about 10 years and even her neighbour, next door along. has commented that she can see sky for the first time from her place as well……the houses are on quite the steep slope here so the 30′ reduction in light blocking conifers is a huge change for them !

My next door neighbour who is ‘vertically challenged’ ……lovely bloke but he barely comes up to shoulder height, worked like a trooper today : as i cut and lopped the big branches after dropping the last tree i had to pass them to over a fence to him where he had to heave each piece up the garden and through the remnants of the Leylandi hedge and stack them.     Today was hard and nasty work , iv’e destroyed so far on this job : one pair of work gloves shredded, one pair of work trousers and one jumper, one saw , one set of secateurs and an old set of loppers.


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