Autumn cruise, post 11


Well well….WABI’’’ is back in home waters. It’s a sunny, windy and quite cold morning in early October and WABI’’’ is swinging to her hook in Sandacre bay just inside the confluence of the Tamar and Lynher rivers. Home and Calstock boatyard, my home and the boat’s homes respectively are now only a few miles away except we’re on a falling tide and a brisk north-westerly so i’ll wait for the morning flood and tomorrow’s sou-westerly to carry us up the river.


Yesterday we did the passage from Falmouth to Plymouth in one long sailing day : all-but 12 hours on the water from anchorage to anchorage with just a quick break at Gorran Haven for coffee and a bacon sandwich. It was a good coastal passage , broad reaching all the way with 10-15 knots and very little tide to speak of although very dull , cold and grey….most of the time the visibility was only moderate so the Dodman disappeared astern before i could pick out Rame head to the east. WABI’’’ slipped along very well all day, smooth easy boatspeed and nicely balanced which was good because i had to hand steer every bloody mile because ‘dolf’ ….the tillerpilot has packed up ; i think for good. Iv’e never done that passage all in one day before, usually i do it as 2 day sails ; Falmouth to Fowey and then Fowey to home which is fine when iv’e had to steer all the way because either of those passages are only about 6 hours.


This morning it’s sunny but blustery and cool in the anchorage, ‘Lynher’ has just upped-anchor and headed off upriver and iv’e been joined in Sandacre bay by an odd looking boat which looks like a modified Jay Benford dory hull but without a rig….and i reckon he’s slowly dragging in the gusts. He came into the anchorage a couple of hours back, anchored almost alongside and then upped and moved back a bit, now, i can tell he’s not quite confident because he keeps going up to the bow and looking over it at his chain….exactly what that will tell him iv’e no idea. Each time we get a big gust his high sided dory hull goes broadside to the wind and drags a couple of feet before snubbing up again. Surprise surprise i know but i think he’s on a 10kg Bruce or a near copy ! and the holding here is soft sloppy mud and black oozy silt which seems to need a much more ‘bite-y’ anchor or at least a heavy one.

Just to add that he’s not the first to have dragged anchor here….i did one time i was anchored here in my Frances 26 ( WABI’’ ) and when i was still using Bruce type anchors.

So, that’s about it for the autumn cruising blogs, i’ll round things up with a couple of longer posts that i’m working on and then move on to the winter jobs and projects series…in a few days time WABI’’’ will be ashore with her rigs down and all stripped down and ready for the builders to move in !


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