First the good news…..

Not exactly what you want to hear from the bloke sorting your truck out, neither a great thing to hear from my GP and in both cases because it came with the additional clause of “and now for the bad news”.

So this week i am on leave and it’s the week of my 60th birthday, i have had a couple of days over in Topsham working on the Liberty but i couldn’t get there until i had the truck back from the garage and then had to be back for an appointment with my new GP.   The good and bad news with the truck was first that it would be ready the day after it went for its MOT and service, then it wouldn’t be because the parts for the exhaust were wrong, then once again that it would be but that it would be a lot more expensive because on top of the usual stuff it needed 2 back tyres and 2 new batteries.  So some £900 worse off i have a car back, the bad news is that was most of the budget to do 2 new hollow masts for the Liberty.

A couple of months back one knee started playing up badly at work, by the end of a working day i would be in a lot of pain from it and in the last few weeks it’s been painful by halfway through the day and i am limping all the time.  Most days its all blown-up and boggy after a days work.   Three weeks back i hobbled down to the X Ray department for a couple of pictures and today saw my GP with the reported X Rays.  Its official according to her that my knee is comprehensively and completely ‘sh****d’ although lots of technical terms and very long words is the official diagnosis.  Apparently all the cartilage is gone from one part of the joint so in mechanical terms the bearings are shot and i am ‘grinding metal’ when i walk.   The outcome of the day is that i should be seeing an orthopod in the next 2 months and then be listed for a knee replacement.   The good news is that it’s a positive diagnosis and at least i know where things are going.  It does mean that i really shouldn’t be working on that knee at all which i kind of know already.  Work on the Dayboat has come to a halt, luckily most jobs on WABI”’ can be done sitting or standing.



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