Decision’s time again.

For the last few weeks i have had a lot of fun researching and writing posts about starter boats and all because a new reader made one comment about one post.   I have just about finished that series for now although i am keeping an eye out for further boats that might be of interest and still watching out for the ultimate one thousand pound challenge boat….on the water and off to the Caribbean for £1000 as near as possible !



I have been putting-off this post for a while because i seem to be in a constant state of not being able to make a good decision about my own boat(s) and my own sailing for this year and next, in fact my own decision making is just going around in ever decreasing circles.    It’s month 2 on projects for me and what i should have been doing is getting as many simple jobs as possible done on the Dayboat so that i can put it on the water early this year and see what i can make of it and then decide exactly where to take each aspect of that project.  The problem has been mainly in that physically i have found the boat very difficult to work on even though it’s in my drive and right next to the workshop.  The difficulty is that i have to work mainly on my knees and in unusually awkard stances in spaces that are just that bit too small….nature of small boat work i know.  One knee particularly is painful nearly all the time and won’t flex properly, notably at the end of a long day but even halfway through the day i am limping badly.  The second problem is that the positions are just contributing to more episodes of back pain.  The combination of knee and back problems has completely curtailed my exercise regime, certainly no weights done and no ‘rucking’.  I think i am at the point of needing to go see the GP about the knee because it’s almost at the point where i won’t be able to ‘pass’ manual handling and even basic life support this year because i can’t now (and won’t ) work on my knees.    None of this is particularly uncommon in ‘older’ nurses and i will be 60 in a couple of weeks….not old and maybe i have just abused my knees far too much and for too long .  It does create a major problem question about how long i can do my job though because i do have to stand for long periods at work and ideally kneel in cramped positions to get boat jobs done.

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Right now having the Dayboat seems like a bad choice in that it needs a thorough refit that i can’t do and to use the boat well i have to keep a powerful towing vehicle and it might be coming to crunch time with my Pajero.  I have had the Pajero for 10 years myself and it had already done 10 years service as a salaryman’s toy in Japan.  The engine is fine but all the running gear is more than 20 years old and beginning to need work.  At the bottom of the decision-line that has small boat and towing vehicle is the absolute necesity to work to be able to run car and boat(s) and you can maybe see that work is now in question.  It would be a bad mistake to put money into the Dayboat fit-out when the car might soon need major work….this time of year is MOT and service time.  While it has done excellent service it might be that it’s coming to the end of it’s serviceable life and needs replacement….which i can’t afford.  Running a more basic car would make sense except that then we haven’t got either a long distance vehicle or a towing vehicle….the Paj always having been our road-trip car.

It might be simply better to put my time and attention into the boat that does the job for me ie the Liberty and either carry on with it’s voyage or bring it back home and cruise locally for a while.  It did also occur to me to solve the knot by selling the Dayboat before i commit to major expense and just packing up work and going sailing full time for a while !

On the boat’s front i think that i have got to clarify what i really want to do with my sailing in my 60’s but i suspect already that i have done a lot of the thinking in my small boats/starter boats posts mainly in that i need a cabin and some degree of comfort, at least what i have now and not less. I have been chasing the £1000 boat project and very nearly ended up as ‘3 boat’ steve but was pipped at the post on the auction.  Today’s decision is to book myself in for an MOT and service , maybe get a quote for the knee !


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  1. This getting old thing is a pain, at 55 I am not doing to bad but the signs of much physical work are beginning to show so that makes the need to get my boat built before I can’t either build it or sail it !
    We have the same vehicle issues here the work truck / tow truck and the car are both getting on in years the truck is a bit of a hybrid jap import so parts can be a challenge but as with most jap vehicles they are usually parts bin engineered just have to find out what bin supplied the part !
    I can’t / won’t spend $60000 on an new ute (second hand is just as ridiculous $$ ) the boat comes first so who knows what we will do there are mahindra an Indian one that looks possible but still a load of $$ for a ute.
    I recommend, total retirement a comfortable boat and a long passage to …..


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