The white room.

Its Oh dark-thirty almost exactly 7 days since i was getting ready to start the project ‘in a few hours time’, 7 days on and we now have the ‘white’ room almost ready to fit out as a bathroom.


Not very exciting to look at i know but that’s the result of the first week of work.  The new floor, walls and ceiling are all in, the shower enclosure difficult back wall is in, the mains drainage is in as are the central heating pipes for the radiator. Next we have to build the shower enclosure and get the big and heavy tray in and levelled.

I spent most of Friday running around trying t source a big slab of oak to have the counter top made out of.   I had a woodshop in mind that used to have that kind of thing so i drove across the moor only to find they shut down years ago….but then eventually found what i was looking for in the local reclamation yard and then even found a really nice bloke to saw it up and glue it back together, that one i will cover next week as i didn’t get any photo’s of either the rec yard, the slab i bought or the chippie shop where its being worked on.


As the lads left on friday afternoon i went into full project mode as it was then my job to have all the surfaces filled, sanded and primed ready for monday morning, now just a few hours away.  Because of the need to work with the drying times of fillers, primers and paint i have been doing at least one job nearly every 4 hours which meant an 0400 call this morning to get a crucial layer of primer on everything before, hopefully, the final fill and sand.   The result is that we now have a room which looks and feels like the inside of a fridge…only warmer.    Those edges will get covered by the way.   24 hours ago i was absolutely hating the first 2 layers of primer as i had chosen to use an oil based paint primer over the plywood and it was horrible stuff to work with : almost no working time before it skinned but still prone to sag and run, thinning it just made it worse.


That’s it for a few hours, i have sluiced myself down with a bucket outside, thrown all my clothes in the washing machine and finally remembered that i should eat something.   I have one more coat of paint to get on tonight and then i have to leave here early in the morning to go catch a train up to the big smoke as i am going to JBP’s lecture in London so that’s going to be a long day and then we are straight back into it again.

This weekend has felt just like many a big boat project that i have worked in that there hasn’t been a chance to take a break because i have to get one part done myself before the other guys can do their next bit.   Its quite handy that i can roll out of bed and do a coat of paint at watch change (0400) and then hit the rack again for 3 hours ready to be up again for the next coat at 08.   As it works out i am 1 coat behind but today i am trying to stick to the rule of packing in at midnight and i am away tomorrow at 0600 so that’s about as far as i can get.


  1. Very good progress Steve, just think you could be down south and have to put on all your kit before going on watch, at least painting its a t shirt and shorts 🙂


    1. No windows mate !. JBP lecture was well worth the effort, i got there so early that i was right down at the front : 3 feet from the stage, front and centre so that was quite the experience. Very long day though, away from here at oh dark-thirty and back at silly-o-clock this morning.


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