A thing of beauty.

I never predicted the day would come when i would see something as simple and basic as a proper soil stack as a thing of beauty but what that one pipe means is that the main sewer in the village is now NOT venting into our bathroom.


It’s the end of day 4 on the bathroom build and i think we are finally seeing actual progress after the first couple of very frustrating days.   The ceiling is boarded as are the main walls but with the difficult shower enclosure walls to do.  Yesterday i spent most of the day cutting the oddly shaped pieces for the floor.  They are all 25mm structural ply so not only heavy but awkward to joggle into position with 3 big blokes trying to work in that space as well.  One i am particularly proud of is where i had to get holes in exactly the right position for the radiator pipes to come through……how today i then managed to completely mess up a similar job making the wall board that needed a box cutout for the leccy i don’t know : got the height bang on but the distance off my datum edge wrong by 200mm.  As my long dead woodwork teacher would have said “not close…..not even in the same post-code !


Last thing this evening we took a first look at the shower tray and the units that take the loo and the basin.  It looks as though we are in for some fun with the shower tray because of course the floor is nothing like level in fact if anything it slopes the wrong way.   My bookshelf is starting to look a little odd too…..


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