Spam !

Do we have a spam problem ?.

Father Ted just contacted me with this message : ”

Morning Steve.
I was first attracted to your website as a result of Ian Crossley’s round robin announcing that he had sold Narwhal to you. Unfortunately almost immediately after my first log into your website I started to receive an increasing flow of pornographic spam. This may be just a coincidence, or some attraction to the fact that your site is titled “Dirtywetdog”. I thought it worth mentioning incase others have or are suffering the same as me. It has now also started to attract some to my inbox too. Not sure how to stop the intrusions other than stop visiting DWD, and see what BT can do to curtail the spam.
I don’t know of anyone else who has had the same problem but if anyone has then please let me know.    The only time i have had a bad spam problem was way back in the days of internet cafe’s and hotmail…my account got thoroughly hacked and spammed by way of an internet cafe and a very nasty virus.
The only thing i can think to do is bookmark the actual site on your computer and then filter/block everything else that comes through as spam. What might also affect things is the level of safety/moderation of your search engine.  I have mine permanently set as ‘moderate’ and that seems to block the nastier stuff.
I will however to continue to post gratuitous boat porn whenever possible !
Lets be Vigilant eh……oh dear


  1. That’s a restoration project and a half is it in a mud berth or drying out in a yard ?
    Not had any spam but I do use NOD 32 antivirus which seems to do a good job at keeping the rubbish out.


  2. Morning Steve.
    Thank you for posting this. I have had Norton protection for ever, and upgraded each year, and never had any problems before. Opening up this morning I had 7 in the spam box. and more alarming. 6 in the inbox. I must admit to being IT ignorant so if it continues I shall have to get some local professional help to up the protection levels and delete any virus or whatever that may have invaded my computer. Hey ho.


  3. I found the search levels and was already on moderate. There were some other stuff that I did not like the look of so switched off. So far, so good, but I shall see what pops up over night as it the morning catch that will tell me if I have found some kind of a solution. Thanks for your help.


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