This week’s exercise : includes moving that pile of rocks.

Today i made a small but significant step forward in my exercise in that i felt that my back was safe enough and stable enough to risk a little bit more weight on the bar in the deadlift.  Second and third to that i pushed up to the next major number of press-ups during a days work (150), successfully added a new bodyweight exercise at home and even got through a couple of short sprints in the lane near the house.

During todays workout i did another 3 heavy carry sessions with the last one being both heavy and long : the combination of weight x distance making for a load that i had a bit of a fight with on the uphill segments of the carry.   Back on the deck after the first carry and my deadlift warm-up felt stable enough to do rising sets so i went from 60kg through 70 and 80 kg doing sets of ten reps and then loaded the bar to 85kg and got a set of 5.  Then after another carry i reversed the sets downwards to do another set at 80, 70 and 60 as a cooler before doing the last carry.  As always i twinned the deadlift with press-ups : i lost count but i got something over 100.

Earlier in the week i did a mainly upper body workout here with the 2 main exercises being overhead push press with the bar and some plates and coupled with sitting dips. I have worked out a sitting dip position using the edge of the bench for my hands and with my feet up on the step-up working platform.  At work i am slowly adding more ‘pull’ exercises to counter the amount of ‘push’ that i am doing.  I have always been weak in that plane despite being able at one time to deadhang for long periods in climbing.  Chins are now often 3 a time and i think i did 20 during the day total.  Yesterday during the workout i finished with a couple of short (30 m) run/sprints.  As of today my knees/ankles/back aren’t complaining too much.  I thought i would see a useful weight dip this morning but it seems to be stable at 94.6 although my belt could come in another half inch.  What might be happening as i slightly increase my protein and carbohydrate intake is that i might be increasing muscle mass again as my shoulders and arms feel a bit thicker..small change but positive.

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