There : back to short and snappy thread titles.

Its the end of week 10 in my fitness project so this will just be a brief round-up today of where i have got to and what i am doing.

Weight this morning was 94.6 kg which was a huge relief because it seemed to have hit a plateau last week and didn’t want to budge. I did have an exceptionally tiring few days in the middle of that and and i do seem to get water retention when i have done hard exercise or in this case hard physical work. That makes a total loss of 8kg over the 10 weeks which might be a bit too much too fast but more on that later.

Other measurements : my everyday belt hasn’t changed but i realised that it has now run out of notches inwards so i need to find my leather punch and make another hole an inch shorter, that then gives me the next target.

Exercise success or otherwise has been a real mixed result this week in that the actual physical workload superseded the planned workouts. What i did was dig out the end of our drive to modify the entrance so that we can get a boat in and out, that meant digging and moving nearly 2 x metre cube skip bags of soil and a whole load of rocks. I also had to dig out 2 of the extremely well set-in fence posts (i put them in) and rebuild a section of the boundary wall. While i was at that i also cleared part of the disputed piece of land that abutts our property so that i could put the spars from the new boat there. On top of that i have been working on the back garden retaining wall which has meant so far moving by hand about 2 tons of granite and after that i bagged up about 800 pounds of clay soil to finish the actual build.  On top of that i also did a whole load of heavy carry’s so the total is up to 81 and about 5800 lbs of new firewood retrieved by ‘rucking’.


Breakdown of exercises and thoughts about them.
1.Free weights. I have a limited set-up at home which allows me to do a small range of free weights moves. The main ones being the deadlift which is the key component of ‘heavy’ day and an overhead push press which i usually do as a ‘bounce’ press (very weak in that plane). I should do some form of weighted squats but i don’t have any safety mechanism like a squat rack so i have mainly been doing body weight squats at work. I should get a lighter KB or some 10kg plates so that i can do a ‘light’ weighted squat as one knee is a real problem.


2.Rucking. I am up to 81 heavy ‘ruck’ carry’s as of today. Usually now i just do one as part of my routine but extend the carry into about a 2 mile walk with a moderate load : something around 40-50 lbs seems adequate. Longer harder walks seem to irritate one knee badly so i don’t think i will be doing long distance loaded walks. Most days when i am at work i get a walk in the morning as i park off site. The better arch support that i get from my trainers as compared to flat shoes does seem to help generally as i can walk fairly normally at the end of most days and not limp back to the car which i had been doing for months.  Long term i will probably have to get some very expensive orthotics and come to some compromise with clinical footwear.  This week i did a quick test to check the difference (walking) between trainers and my lightweight boots when load carrying outdoors .I can walk comfortably over distance in trainers but not in the boots which is strange because the boots are very good…maybe they just need some arch support insoles.


3.Bodyweight exercise.I am still working on this but i have found a routine whereby as long as i get to the department reasonably early i can do a bodyweight routine before i start my working day. So far that is mainly press-ups (often get 100 in that session alone) body weight squats, some chin ups, some planks.  Starting with a plank and some back exercises does help me get through the day unless i have to sit for long periods. This week i intend to find a strong broom handle to lay across 2 trolleys so that i can do ‘get me ups’. Some staff who are also early starters have found me exercising and i just explain that i am doing my back recovery moves which they all seem to accept as most of them know that i have lots of back pain….and its either regular exercise or i am not able to carry on at work !

I am extending the number of bodyweight exercises that i know and use, last week the planned ‘leg’ day did include squats and lunges. Both seem to irritate my bad knee which i’m not happy about as i really need both exercises to help rebuild leg mass and strength. Last week’s new exercise was chin-ups and i am only getting 2 at a time but did get 3 a couple of times this week. They will obvioulsy get easier the more i do and the lighter i get : that is the one main exercise that i now look for places to do them. Once i get the ‘get-me-up’ nailed i will post that.

Now that i have achieved a crucial weight target i intend to introduce very short bursts of running into my workout routine at home, this will be the best i can do to get to short anaerobic sprints : maybe even hill sprints.  I am definitely not going to do anything that involves continous running as that is bad for my back and my knees until my weight is much lower.

Diet.  I mentioned earlier that my weight loss might be just a bit too fast as at the rate i am losing (.8 kg or 1.7lbs) i could also be metabolising muscle which would be very bad news indeed. Its likely that on the 2 days when i felt very rough that i just hadn’t eaten enough for the work expenditure . Because of that i now  have some days that are higher in carbohydrates, i think of these as recovery days.  I will most likely be adding a second protein snack at work in addition to my lunchtime protein shake, what i have been having at home is a tin of tuna with some mayo and a bit of worcester sauce (yummy) so i might do that at work as well.  My rate of weight loss has decreased which is what i would expect, for the longer term goal i should drop my average loss to about a pound a week or less now and that should be easy to achieve as it just needs a small dietary increase : the trick i think will be in post exercise snacks when i have high insulin sensitivity and everything is ‘primed’ to take on fuel.  I did a total of 4 or 5  x 24 hr fasts, that’s it on those for now unless my weight bounces badly.

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