Rekt !

I think that is how it’s spelled in tXtspK.

This morning i felt absolutely wrecked.

Ok so i have just done 4 days of relatively very heavy physical labour (for me) and a day at work + a morning workout and an evening in the garden but even so it seems to all hurt a lot more than it should.  I don’t know whether i have just over-done the combination of work/workouts and reduced calorie diet but this week does seem to have been exceptionally tiring.  Last night i was so tired that i was too tired and sore to get to sleep so i had a long easy lay-in this morning.  My weight has bounced all over the place this week : up by nearly a kilo and then down again the next day !.  I think that my best weight now is just over 95 kg which is mi first major goal completed. At this stage i feel i can just afford to increase the carbs a bit but also add other elements into my training.

I haven’t done much in the way of actual workouts this week as i have been lifting and carrying weight all day for 4 days.  I have just done one early morning workout at work and once again did sets of press-ups until i had done 100 + some squats and chins…so not bad all round.

Just now i went out and brought home a couple of easy loads of scavenged firewood and just didn’t feel that i had my usual horsepower (manpower ?) so i have given up for the day and i am going to do easy admin work at the computer.


The light blue whale arrived last night courtesy of its previous owner (Ian) who is a hell of a nice bloke : between us we manhandled her (not my partner) into the drive and almost got her where i need her at the moment.  As i thought it was a very tight turn out of the lane due to the length of the trailer : we did the job with my plan ‘B’ move as the drive modification isn’t ready yet.


Today i stripped the cover off and got the spars off mainly so that i could have a good look around and see if i can get inside the cuddy.


I’m not going to get much done with her today except sort through the gear, empty the small amount of rainwater out and get everything ready to rig her where she is to see where everything goes : i will need a bit of help with that so have to wait until the weekend.

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