The taste of steel !

Oohh-er nursey what is going on here then ?

This of course is the next post in the series about my diet and exercise blog which due to the blog layout has to just go with all the other posts : i am btw trying to get a technical solution  from my hosts here such that i can split the blog into different sections and so take out this side from the boats side.  I would like to work on my abysmal writing a lot more as well and write mini-essays such as rebuttals to Dylan who now seems to be completely obsessed with Trumpy over in his otherwise excellent channel : Oh Dylan….you so silly !.

A taste of steel then : and as its full on hayfever season and i have just been walkies around the lanes its also the taste of pollen-snot this morning.     Today though i risked having a go at the beginnings of a proper workout with free weights but only after 40 minutes walking to loosen things up a bit : i found yesterday when i just went for walks twice that at about 20 minutes my back frees up and pretends to have some mobility and rotation so today i went straight into a workout from the walk.

Todays actual workout wasn’t much to write home about except that i got through it without too much pain : here is  what i did.

Olympic bar warm-up.

Rounds of : deadlift at 60 kg 1 set of 5 (1 x 5) and 1 set of press-ups (5).   I did five rounds in total so 25 deadlifts at 60 kg and 25 press-ups.    Like i say not much to write home about considering that 60kg on the bar used to be my warm-up weight for deadlift.

001 (2)

As a workout that was nothing except that it got my heart rate up and gives me a bit of confidence that my back will do it.  My early goal in training is to get to the point where i can do a 5x5x5 routine which is a nod to a Mark Rippetoe rouine and would mean doing 5 sets of 5 reps of 5 movements which would be an acceptable compromise for the first month : my goal is to set that as the target for July. What i want to work out right now is a way of creating short work-outs here that i can do before going to work : that way would be a good use of my time and would push me towards shorter but higher intensity work.

Edit at 10 days.

Today i advanced my workout to a 3 move routine after a longer warm-up walk : very nice day to be walking except for serious pollen and i could feel my throat and eyes stinging with that.  For the 3 move workout i went for an overhead push-press as the 3rd move with just 30kg on the bar, it was always my weakest move anyway.   I must say that it was a horrible workout even as light as it was :

3 rounds of : 5 x KB squat with the 28kg KB, 5 press-ups, 5 overhead push press.  5 reps of each move for 3 sets.

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