A fast first response.

Health and nutrition blog post January 2022.

Blog time : as i write it’s a horrible wet and cold day in early January 2022 and iv’e just got back from my daily plod around the lanes near my home in east Cornwall – i didn’t go off into the woods today because everything is so wet, even so i came back soaked through and jumped straight into a hot shower when i got home. Today was unpleasant because of the conditions out there plus it felt that bit harder – like walking uphill through treacle all the way because i’m on day 4 of a multi-day fast ; it’s a bit strange today because yesterday i did a harder and longer route and that felt fine. The fast is my first/fast response to having put on a load of weight in excess body fat – i really notice it more as waistline, in the latter part of the summer and autumn last year. The extended fast is a kind of health reset along with an attempt to boost my immune system during the winter and specifically as my first response as we go into the endemic phase of the Covid 19 Pandemic.

The bare details are that i’m trying to do a longer fast than iv’e done before – i’d like to fast for 7 days in total and then go on a very low carbohydrate routine for the whole of January ; i’m almost at the point where i’m happy with being close to 100 hours fasted and might knock it on the head with a good break-fast on day 5 . On the immune boost side i’m taking a simple combination of the minerals Zinc and Magnesium plus Vitamins C, D and K2 as per doctor John Campbell’s (and others) suggestion. This year i probably haven’t been getting as much vitamin C in my diet, nor Zinc and Vitamin D because i haven’t been eating Zinc rich foods and neither have i spent much time in direct sun even though i spent a lot of the summer outside ; i didn’t get much exercise either and i note that i had 3 minor infections, each needing antibiotics, back to back at the end of the summer.

At four days (80 hours now) into a longer fast i feel fine – i tried to start a fast last week (as i write) but i failed on day one when i got excessively cold while i was trying to do some heavy work outside ; this week’s attempt feels as though it’s going well and i really haven’t had much in the way of side effects aside from a mild headache and the classic ‘keto’ taste in my mouth. My taste has changed slightly as well and i note that i’m really not enjoying my usual post walk coffee – i seem to need ‘cleaner/lighter’ flavors so i’m trying some green tea for a change. I certainly haven’t felt a great amount of hunger so far and had little in the way of food cravings although last night i had a sudden desire for poached eggs on buttered white toast when i gave my partner her dinner after a long shift. My main problems if any have been incidental – a slight amount of feeling at a loose end because iv’e all-but run out of heavy work to do outside plus it’s far too wet and cold to do any boatbuilding work ; that’s really on hold now until March probably.

This post is the first one in a new series about health, particularly men’s health, nutrition and disease – i note that i didn’t publish any health related blog posts in 2021 even though there was plenty to write about and there was two reasons for that failure on my part : firstly that i was continually busy with my boatbuilding project in the back yard and secondly that i felt that there was already far too much opinion and not enough good science about the relationship between health/nutrition and the Covid pandemic. Now, in 2022 i feel that we have a much better evidence base for things like weight gain/weight loss plus the use of supplements to increase our immune response – particularly as we go into the endemic phase of Covid 19 where we are all likely to be exposed and become positive to the new variant. It’s purely my opinion, supported by some basic physiology and some evidence , that now is the crucial time to ‘take charge’ of our health , take responsibility and action which help us all get through the winter.

Until next time my best wishes to you all.

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