Briefly Spring.

A brief garden interlude.

Making space.

Hey look : it’s raining (again). !

Iv’e had a great week working in the garden and in the spring sunshine too, iv’e even had my breakfast sitting outside on the garden bench a couple of times.  The payoff is that every bit of me aches because iv’e been doing all of the heavy jobs that needed doing from emptying out all of my big containers and sieving the soil to making up hundreds of liters of fresh soil with bag after bag of new compost, grit and sand.  Today i’m almost glad that it’s raining and i can take a break until later on when hopefully i can get out there, sieve some more soil and pot up some new plants and not, i hasten to add, pot up ‘pot’ plants….it’s Cornwall you know !.     

We’ve had a huge burst of color too as most of the Daffodil and Crocus bulbs iv’e been planting for several years now have come into flower but there’s still several hundred to go and after that we’ll get the color change as the Tulips come through.  Up until recently the whole garden has been a bit of a ‘one trick pony’ with lots of spring color and then not much to see after about May : i’m trying to do something about that this year by experimenting with some different plants.  Most of the summer after that in the garden is mainly green because it’s the vegetables that dominate…as long as iv’e done a veg planting that is : i only planted one out of our 4 deep beds last year and left them all covered and fallow in 2019 when i was away sailing a lot… excuse this year i feel.


Making way…..making space.

As i write it is early March 2021 and yes, the spring garden work needs doing, although the reason that i’m working in mainly one area of the site is that i both want to soften the view a bit and get part of that area ready to erect a shelter for my boatbuilding project.  Just to say that the area i’m working on is our awkwardly shaped drive which is what the cottage actually looks out onto : it’s difficult to explain as the cottages and gardens layout is ‘normal for Cornwall’ but that despite having a large front and back garden it’s somewhat difficult to see them…..most people seem to think that the front garden must belong to the next 2 cottages ….but anyway.     Basically at the far end of our drive we have a very oddly built garage cum workshop , none of which is level or square and is essentially a concrete block structure tacked onto the back wall which used to be part of the engine house of the mine , our cottages were we think either miners cottages or maybe even the mines workshop buildings until they were converted into cottages : no part of the cottage is level or square either !.

So anyway….iv’e got a workshop of sorts although it’s cold and damp in there most of the time because part of the floor is cobble stones and soil, in fact there are at least 3 different levels of floor in there and i can’t even remember how i managed to build a level bench out of what was there when we took it over.  Last year i had a good attempt at sorting out one side, the low side, for dedicated storage, rebuilt the central bench and built a rolling toolstand for most of my hand tools as i mainly work outside when i can.    As part of this spring work iv’e been very old fashioned in that iv’e spring cleaned the other side, the working side, of the workshop ; that was mainly a matter of throwing everything outside, kicking it around a bit and chucking most of the ‘useful’ stuff into bin bags for the recycling waste this week…..why exactly i thought i needed so many large sheets of cardboard i’m not sure, perhaps it was from when i thought i needed to make patterns for parts on the Liberty.  Well, with my next project being from a set of plans i won’t be doing that but what i do need is a space large enough to lay out a standard sheet of plywood to mark out and cut parts, that needs an 8′ x 4′ space of open floor and enough space to move around the workpiece as well : i reckon on needing a 10′ by 6′ space just to work in and then i need space next to that to store the plywood sheets on edge.



That’s running on  ahead a bit though because first iv’e got to get all of the workshop ready and that includes more storage/shelf space for the associated materials, most likely an epoxy/glue station to build and of course all of the tool maintenance to do….and iv’e been really slack on that for a while.    The other big thing i will have to do is build a shelter outside the workshop to build the actual boat underneath and given that the boat will be some 17 feet by 6 and a half wide i need that much and space to work all around under the shelter.   What i’m planning is what will look like a car-port but where one side might need a ‘soft’ screen , essentially a rain and sun screen because that side will be exposed to both strong sun and often wind driven rain.  Once again though that’s getting a bit ahead of myself because that whole area has become a bit of a ‘useful’ junk/scrap space and i need the whole area clear, which is why in-between sieving and making new soil as the old stuff drys out i take a break by sorting and breaking up the scrap wood from old garden projects….some of that is making next years kindling finally.

New bench top, storage shelves and pillar drill last year.


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