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Making future plans.

Title photograph : unknown boat but i think this is a home designed and built Lugger, photographer unknown.

Blog time : it’s early January 2021 and i’d first like to say greetings from police state uk !, the place where it is now an illegal act to go for a walk more than once a day and sit on a park bench while talking to a friend !. How is it that we sit by and allow our government to create rule after rule to micro-manage ecery aspect of our lives….from who we can walk and talk with to whom we can invite into OUR homes.         How did we let it come to this ? and since when did we allow our policing by consent to become policing by political thuggery, picking off not the violent mass protests which actually are a problem in viral load and transmission but instead to go after the easy and weak targets instead : you my British police friends are an utter disgrace !


Today i want to talk about future plans and why they are important.

As many of my readers and visitors will know i am currently boat-less having sold my Hunter Liberty at the end of 2021 while i work on plans to either build or convert a much smaller boat that i can keep on the drive at home.   Right now i’m waiting on 3 sets of study plans hopefully on their way from New Zealand and once iv’e got them here my main project work will be to design and cost both the boatbuilding extension to my workshop and cost up the build project itself : my plan being to build the boat as a full time project in just one summer.   My early project management for this suggests that i could get the hull and spars built this year but that i would then need another year mainly to put funds aside for the expensive stuff : i can do without an engine but the project definitely needs a really good trailer and that’s actually going to be the single largest expense i think.

Today i’m glad that i haven’t got a small yacht in a boatyard just getting damp and mouldy inside while i can’t go and work on it and yet while it’s still costing a monthly fee to keep it there.  Instead of fretting about things that i can’t do i’m able instead to use my mental time to both plan and write….one small benefit of being under functional house arrest is that i’m working on my book project for several hours a day and making progress.   This morning iv’e done my scheduled work for the day so shortly i will slip past the block informer (curtain twitching neighbour) and disappear into the woods for a couple of hours walk and that’s where i get to do my real thinking and planning.


If you’re now wondering what the hell is going on in my usually ‘mostly harmless’ blog then i’ll explain that by saying that this time of year is when i would normally be making my sailing plan for the year.  In 2019 for example i was preparing WABI”’ and myself for our post retirement cruise over in Brittany , and what a great year that turned out to be : i’m so glad that i had that one summer of freedom because i don’t think it’ll happen again in my lifetime.  This time last year i was making up my job list for the year, fitting my big and shiny new sprit-boomed mainsail for example and planning my year’s cruise : my idea being a quick shakedown cruise here in the west-country and then to scoot around to the east coast for a season before heading across the other end of the channel and having a look at the low countries…..the Dutch coast and maybe foray out to the Frisians, even into the Baltic.  What happened of course is that my little boat ended up locked behind a boatyard fence and the authorities here arbitarily took on the powers to close the river to all traffic…..that never did and still doesn’t make sense other than a naked grab for power and control .


At 62 (and a bit) i’m at the stage where i am doing a lot of thinking about what iv’e done so far and what i’d like to get done while i can still maintain my health and fitness to be an outdoorsman.  My most important plans this year and right now are how i manage this winter in terms of my health and fitness because that impacts on everything else….a kind of underlying background state of health and fitness which would allow me to do other and harder things.     Well, iv’e sailed around the world once or twice, been around the Horn 3 times and been to some of the popular hanging-out places for cruising in the sun with the beautiful people : most of that sucks by the way and my time in Cornish and Brittany waters has been far more enjoyable.


At 62 though i’m looking at different plans : for sure it’s very good to be making future plans because that’s good for our heads in that planning something and looking forward to doing something is intrinsically a better mental state than say a nihilistic and angry one.  Anger right now is fully justified i think but not a great state to be in , anyway i’m not here to write a polemic about the (police) state of the UK and Europe but rather to think out loud about being a sailor and outdoorsman at this stage of life.    For sure there are still places that i want to visit by sea and equally there are places i want to visit by road and then go for a long hike….the Utah canyons and the High Sierra mountains come to mind, but i also want to change course in life too and that’s why i’m thinking about becoming a back yard boatbuilder and ‘maker’…..better to be (perhaps) a maker and creative producer of one nice thing rather than an unthinking consumer of ‘stuff’ , even when that stuff is other people’s internet content.

Time to get under the oly-bar and push i think’


It’s going to be a strange winter and spring methinks.

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