Boats on the bay.

Ebay that is !

It seems to be that time of year when vendors are putting their unwanted boats up for sale and right now there are so many good small boats on there that it’s hard to know where to start : an example is that i was looking for a cheap dinghy hull, something along the lines of an old Wayfarer as a project hull to build an all round work/sail/row-boat from and this month there have been 3 at very low start price.

In this post i’m not going to dwell on those, rather i’m going straight for the jugular with 3 boats that i found most interesting and that means that iv’e ignored one Parker ‘Seal’ , one Parker ‘Super-Seal’ , one nice looking Corribee and so on.

First up is an ‘E’ boat one design ; amazingly i think i used to know this actual boat and it’s unusual in that it’s got a wing keel….i think that the keel might be the Warwick Collins type but i’m not 100% on that .  Regular visitors will know that i recently posted about the E boat and i’m enthusiastic about the type.  Just as a disclaimer i have no connection with the vendor of this boat or any of the others.


Next : Caledonia Yawl ‘Sula’.

This one really floats my boat and i’ll be watching the bidding closely as this high on my tick list for my own open boat project.  If you’re not familiar with the CY it’s an Ian Oughtread design and based on Scandinavian hull forms….long’double ended and with a very sweet sheer.  ‘Sula’ seems to have had some problems with rot around the centerboard case, which, according to her current owner has been fixed.

Typically this one is all the way across the country in Kent !

s-l1600 (1)

Last of my 3 top picks.

This is very interesting ; this is an 18′ fast dayboat very much like a larger version of a Merlin Rocket dinghy which is no great surprise because her designer has also designed Merlin’s.    For this one i had to go and look at the designers website as up until now i’d never heard of him (Keith Callaghan) but he has designed some very quick looking boats : for the blog i’m going to write a much more complete post about his designs.

s-l1600 (2)

Last… ‘bonkers’ Rocket project.

For my own slightly mad small boat project iv’e always wanted an older Merlin Rocket to build a non class fast ‘offshore’ dinghy out of to take part in events such as the Everglades challenge.  I put an offer on this boat although it’s a much nicer starting boat that i really need….for my one i need a complete hull and deck, foils and a good trailer as i’m not going to use the rig.  (just for honesty’s sake the Merlin class association won’t even talk to me !)

s-l1600 (3)

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