“Man shall not live by bread alone”…..nor can this one live on eggs and bacon every day !.

It’s late January 2020 and i’m sitting at my computer desk writing, obviously, and watching the rain coursing off the shed roof in the high wind this morning.  It’s truly horrible out there so i’m not going to get any work done outside although i might venture into the workshop to lay some sealant on the new bench deck and start the next phase in there…..however…..

Also….for discussion : my new facebook page regarding diet and health :

I’m about 3 weeks into eating a primarily low carbohydrate diet and within that gradually removing many food items from my regular diet.  Last week was the first time ever perhaps that iv’e not had biscuits ( cookies for my US readers) or fruit bread, this week i’m almost totally bread free ; down to one slice every couple of days.  Pasta and rice have gone as have potatoes and most root vegetables although i’m still cooking with those for my partner and today i’m going to make a batch cook of a big pot of chilli that will have an onion in it.  This morning, before i had coffee and before i had my eggs and bacon for breakfast i weighed again ; it’s only mid week and i was both naked and dry but my weight was down another 0.8kg so i can expect that’ll be another kilo by the end of the week.

My plan is to go ‘low carb’ for at least 3 months to give the whole concept a fair trial and then after that i need to find a good , long term solution, not to ‘diet’ as such but what will be a viable way of eating and enjoying my food over a much longer period.  By the end of my initial 3 month trial i should be back on the water and sailing again so iv’e also got to work out what i’m going to eat at sea and then stock the boat accordingly.  A lot, if not most, of what i would normally stow and eat while i’m cruising is now definitely off the menu : my staples such as bread, pasta, potatoes and even onions are all out and i can’t live at sea on cheese and bacon omelettes only…..and lets not forget the chicken !

My great pleasure in Brittany this summer was to splash ashore on the ebb-tide and walk up to the boulanger/patissier for my daily fresh bread and either a croissant or a pain-au-chocolat and then stop by one of the waterfront cafe’s and have my chocolatine with ‘une grande creme’….basically a milky coffee.    That’s kind-of got to go ; n’est pas ?


If today i had to stock up my little boat for a 10 day voyage i would know instantly what to buy and how to store it on the boat ; from my dry goods larder under the bunk infill, to my day-food and fresh food larder box and my small icebox, i know what i need, what i’m going to eat each day an where it all lives…..but that plan is entirely based on my old, high carbohydrate diet that leans heavily on bread, pasta, potatoes, rice and so on.

This year my first stage of stocking up the boat larders will be easy as i’ll re removing most of the high carbohydrate dry stores , so that’s most of the biscuits, crackers, crisp-breads, pasta, rice and so on : i’m going to exercise a bit of caution though because i know that i exactly what i would need after a tough cross-channel voyage will be a coffee and a biscuit when nothing else will stay down !.

I think i’m going to have to make provision to carry a lot more eggs (i only ever used to carry a box of 6), more cooked and uncooked meat and lots of green vegetables like broccoli and spinach which i’m eating a lot of right now.  I have a problem there because all of those really need to be in a cold store and iv’e only got limited capacity in my home made coolbox so maybe one of my first projects this year has to be the building of a larger and better icebox/coolbox for the heads compartment.

My old Wanigan and icebox, the icebox did a season’s good service considering is made from mainly scrap materials.


This week’s video, i filmed this segment later than i wrote the post so the numbers i quote are more recent ; in real time, as i schedule the post i’m exactly 8 Kg down (17.6 lbs)

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