Dead boat creek.

Autumn cruise, post 5

Dead boat creek.

I could do with more days like these !

WABI’’’ real time : motoring down the Fal river on a completely still morning just after high water : no rain, just a breath of cool and dry wind, coffee in hand and amazingly just in shirtsleeves….and shorts of course !.

Some time late last night, around midnight, i woke up with a real start, not because the boat was bouncing around and snubbing hard on the anchor but because of the total absence of sound and movement. Well perhaps something did wake me up because once i’d been standing in the hatch for a while i did hear the hoot of a Tawny owl in the trees….aside from that though : no tide rushing past the bow, no noise and vibration from the rig and we were dead still on account of being nicely aground on soft mud. What a difference to the last 5 days of almost continuous wind noise and/or rain !

This morning i did something that iv’e been wanting to do for a while and that’s to go and investigate the abandoned yacht in a side arm of Ruan creek. Iv’e been past the hulk many times but never close enough to work out what it is and that part of the creek is very shallow so today i crept in under power and just before high water but ready to pull the boards up and back out. I thought the boat was an old Ferro-concrete double-ender but even from 50 yards, close as i could get, i could see the shape of rotten planks and wooden ribs and sad because it looked like a once nice boat.


Today i really had to go to town, top up my water, buy fresh food and try and get some posts out. I got alongside the marina but they are going into full winter mode so the marina guy didn’t really want me where i landed but ok’d me to be there as long as i turned around my jobs and got out again, problem was their water was off so even after a run-around to get my shopping done there still wasn’t any water on the pontoons so of course i had to go and have fish n chips at the best place (plaice !…i prefer Haddock ) in town. Now, late afternoon and i’m back in the small bay called Cellar beach just next to the place called place because this looks as though it will give me good shelter for tomorrow : southerly and very wet sou-easterlies and then a stinker of a westerly the next day….forecast to whistle through at 50 mph. Iv’e actually motored over to the bay at dead low water, am currently hanging on a mooring, so that i can have a very good look at the bottom and decide the best spot to anchor and dry out for the really rough stuff.



    1. Back home now…..aching from nearly a month’s solid work in the garden, waiting for the lift out. I’m going to have another go at video work in the winter. Currently working on the book project and trying to decide whether to go for self publishing.


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