Went well…..not.

Title photograph : Burnham Overy-Staithe, Norfolk UK.

The week 8 post knee surgery update and what didn’t happen in my boat search.

As i write we are just back from an abortive trip to Norfolk where the plan was to camp for a few days and then do a long triangle drive via north and south Wales to see the first 3 boats on the potential list.     If you are a bit alarmed at the idea of week 6 post-op, camping and climbing around boats then you are in good company because so was my physio.   At 6 weeks i thought that things were going reasonably well in that i was up to a couple of half mile walking circuits, mainly hills, each day plus a load of exercises specific to the range of movement and strength.  The ongoing problems were still the same , that the knee was still swollen every night and i still can’t get a nights sleep without a couple of doses of painkillers.  Also my left quad is still very weak and will do a spectacular ‘Elvis’ under load….especially during the physio’s new trick of having me do a single leg load exercise a bit like a pistol squat.    On the plus side i did work out a viable technique for getting up off the floor, or in my case getting to upright from laying on a camping mat.    Simply put, the camping side didn’t work out partially because the promised sunshine didn’t happen, in fact it was often cold and wet and that i pushed the walking far too hard with a regular route of a mile each way…..it would be fine (i thought) in flat and level Norfolk after tackling steep hills every day here !


The sting(s) in the tail were the eventual drive home which should have been a 7 hour mainly motorway cruise but which turned into a 13 hour epic after the total closure of the M5 after a 7 car and 2 fatality crash.  We did our best to drive a route around the whole thing just as , i guess, so did everyone else.  It was a bit like the experience of going on holiday in the 60’s when long traffic queue’s at critical junctions were commonplace and made worse by overheated and broken down cars .    The second sting was a minging cold which is adding to the night time knee pain to give me one completely sleepless night so far and i suspect more to come.


So ! i suppose you lot are all agog to find out how i got on with climbing up a steep ladder and negotiating a green and slippery deck on a wet and windy day in north Wales right ?   Well the answer is that it didn’t happen because the broker was in an even worse state than i am.   Although we had worked out a provisional date to go and see the Keyhaven Yawl i did then try and bring it forward a day having seen the weather forecast for the area and the brokers partner had to put that off on account of him being in hospital.  Not content with also needing a knee replacement the broker was also needing his ticker re-timing and tuning and was off having that done on the day we planned to go.   His partner was also a bit ‘concerned’ about the idea of me clambering around the boat so soon after my own surgery.  I thought i would give it a go but all in all it seemed much fairer to let them get sorted out first so we might try and go up there next month.

That’s about it for now.


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  1. Thanks for the Wells photos and I know what you mean about going on holiday by car in the 1960s. Best(?)memory was the two way travel-sickness induced projectile vomiting in the middle of Kings Lynn — my dear old dad just slammed on the breaks and me and my brother stuck our heads out of the rear window and let fly into the gutter — good times!


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