The death of brains unite and the return of the shedi.

Hi Guys.

If you read this it’s possibly because you were one of the original authors on brains unite or one of it’s followers.   I just had a quick look at the site statistics and it seems that brains unite has pretty much died the death and with no new material nobody is visiting the site.

I think it’s a shame because we had a good idea running here and it was originally my idea that Guntash excellently picked up and went ahead with.  I feel responsible in that i didn’t make much effort to continue with the idea and help run it while Guntash was busy.  I did contact Guntash a few months back and she said at the time that she would be back to blogging and posting but she now seems to have disappeared, i hope she is well and publicly send my best wishes.

I want to re-vamp the idea of brains unite and do so on a new blog platform which i would like to create and then moderate along the same lines as brains unite.  My idea at this stage is to rebuild it as a wordpress blog using my initial header “The ideas shed” and run it very much like this one.

If you are interested in taking part then please drop me a line at or alternatively where i have mentioned this post in my own boats and sailing blog here as a comment.  I will copy and paste comments onto this post so that everyone who does visit can see what kind of reaction we get


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