Many of my female work colleagues seem to have a thing about handbags and shoes……i have a similar thing with sharp pointy things…..aka knives.

My dear Mum sent me a cheque for my 60 birthday which was a really nice surprise so i treated myself to a brand new riggers knife.



Technically speeking its a traditional sailors ‘sheeps-foot’ design but very chunk and with a fixed blade.  I have had a Myerchin knife before but which still has a slight tip, this one is much more the classic bosun’s knife shape that does a lot less damage if dropped from height.  As always with knives on boats it needs a nice decorative lanyard and that will be a nice project to make.

Sometime i will do a post just about boat knives and mainly so that i can tell you all once again just how bad the Swiss Army ‘boating’ knife and Skippers knife are and how good ‘proper’ sea-going knives are for their job.


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