Contrasting but good.

Today i just want to do something that i don’t get to do very often and that is to highlight 2 very different boat based youtube channels that i have found recently and really enjoyed although the 2 channels could hardly be more different.

The first is sailing based and from a part of the world that i hardly know at all…..the video’s mainly being shot on the northern coast of Australia.  The channel is called ‘Free range sailing’ and is created by a delightful and highly resourceful couple : Troy and Pascale.  The couple are sailing aboard a simple 30 foot standard GRP sloop which has very few concessions to ‘modern’ sailing.   There are several things that really appeal to me about this couple, their sailing and their video’s and a part of that is a side of sailing that i would describe as bushcraft.

As some visitors here will know, my own outdoor life hasn’t just been about boats and sailing, in fact it started with rock climbing and mountaineering.  For a long while i learnt and practiced bushcraft along with long distance hiking in the UK, the US and New Zealand and then for a while i taught a combination of bushcraft, first aid and open canoeing.    There is a very strong theme of self-sufficiency and self-reliance in the video’s.  Another aspect i really like is the understated teaching that is going on especially in that they do a lot of fishing and seashore foraging for their food.

I have created a link below so that you can just find the channel quickly but i would thoroughly recommend that you go and watch some of their video’s.

The second channel that i would like to bring to your attention is a huge contrast in that it is UK based , in fact from my part of the South-West and amazingly it is based around a very modern motor boat.  I can’t tell you anything about the boat because MOBO’s mean less that diddly-squat to me.

What this channel is about is many of the great places on the Devon and Cornwall coasts and lots of these places are the ones that i try to get to on my own voyages.  One of the video’s even has my little boat in it !   With this channel what i like is that there is clearly a lot of enjoyment of the same part of the world that i enjoy so much but seen from the bridge of a motor boat.  I’ve never really got to know motor-boaters until the last couple of years when i have regularly anchored with a small group of unpretentious motor boats that just seem to be out there for the same reasons as i am.

I would admit to having some degree of antipathy for motor-boats from having had some bad experiences with them in the past but this one seems very well driven.

Both channels are very inspiring in completely different ways, the ‘Free range’ channel obviously appeals to me more because i am a sailor myself and really seeing somewhere i don’t know at all and am unlikely ever to get to.  Troy and Pascale remind me of a younger and more modern version of Larry and Lynn Pardey but in a less ‘precious’ boat.  It’s the kind of thing that might just inspire other people to get together a basic sailboat project and get out there, by coincidence my sailing colleague at work has just about completed the purchase of a similar sized boat… tempting.

Ms Amlin is filmed by a boat owner who must be very local to me and clearly loves these waters and the amazing coast that we have here.  He has successfully captured in film what i can’t which is the beauty of our shared environment and i would just like to say ‘good job’.


  1. The Ms Amlin videos are great Steve — thanks . My favourite sailing video on Youtube is here, but you might not like all the music — the copyright holders in some sections certainly didn’t 😉

    A great adventure in a small boat, just have to buy a shed for the kids — oh, and a boat!


  2. I also enjoyed the Aus couple this winter , but am interested in ,you said canoe bush craft, I ; here in Canada am pleased to here my uk brethren canoeing ! Very ! I haul my canoe in lieu of a proper dink or tender you see, as th’ 5 ft deep keel under my ancient Herreshoff keeps her well out of “skinny water areas” , eh mate ?

    On Tue, 10 Apr 2018 at 15:29, Dirty wet dog , boats and sailing. wrote:

    > DirtyWetDog posted: “Today i just want to do something that i don’t get to > do very often and that is to highlight 2 very different boat based youtube > channels that i have found recently and really enjoyed although the 2 > channels could hardly be more different. The first is s” >


    1. Yes….i have also been a canoeist here and done a trip to Temagami where we paddled and lived ‘bushcraft’ style. I was also a canoe and bushcraft instructor here for a few years. Canoeing is now off the menu with my knee problems . Something i kicked around as an idea myself was posts and video around a sailing/bushcraft theme here in UK waters which is why i liked their stuff so much.


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