Pause for…….pause.

And hands-up everyone that twisted their head around to read the name on the upside-down tender !

WABI”’ is back at the yard and alongside another boat, sitting in the mud right now at low water.  Later on i will go down there and put the cushion covers back on which have all been though the washing machine.  They haven’t been washed for at least 3 years so that’s just one of the normal jobs to do while i am giving the boat its spring clean.  So far i have emptied the big cockpit locker out and washed that out…..last time i did it and was struggling to clean it out my mate asked me if i wanted to ‘borrow’ his 8 year old as he was the perfect size for the job….this time i made up various tools to do the job such as a sponge on one stick and a soft brush lashed on the end of my ensign staff !.  What came out was filthy as the locker and some of the gear had got very mildew-y over the damp and mild winter.   That job is done, so is the heads locker and the port-side lockers in the boat, excess kit is all home and i have just got the other side to do.  If there is space on the slipway this week i might go on there at high water and do the GRP polishing as Chris the boss has promised to lend me his power-mop buffer.


Now here’s a thing while we are in the picture above.  The boat i am alongside is, to my eye, an ugly dog of a boat, about 28 feet, high and boxy with a junk rig and lots of ‘theoretical’ features.  The story goes that the bloke who put it together bought the hull and deck and then did the rest himself.    To me it looks as though he read every book about ocean sailing and built in every ‘safety’ feature that he read about….it has for example bearer’s for plywood plates to go over the portlights.    What do you think of this sequence of photographs though…..the bridgedeck as seen above and then in close detail below.    I had to get Jackie to model the problem for us.




In the next post i will tell you a sea story about the worst injury i have ever had to deal with at sea and the sequence of events and resulting injury would be very close to someone getting into that last position and then being thrown sideways.

Anyway : time for a pause.


Today i am having a complete break from just about everything except manfully holding the sofa down and a bit of blogging…….outside it’s raining heavily one moment and then there is bright sunshine , as i look out of the ‘office’ window i can see more garden colour coming through so later i’m going to get out there and get some spring garden pictures.  Last autumn i planted over a thousand spring bulbs and this is just about the best time in our garden here.

The pause is because my last 3 weeks have been flat-out either working or travelling to and from the boat to get it ready to sail home, then 2 trips away to do that , then the actual tough, cold and tiring trip home and then straight into 2 days at work.  Each work day is a very early start here and my sailing days each had to be dark o-clock starts for tides and wind.  I did actually have one very nice early start from Dartmouth when i got this picture of the very pretty working gaffer.

The update on my news is that i have a date for a consultant appointment to see about some new knee bearings and that is a lot quicker than expected so things might be happening much sooner than i thought.  WABI”’ is almost ready for sale too once the GRP is done and all my personal gear is off.



  1. Oh what a lovely design, not, who in their right mind puts holes in the deck !! Careful, you may be no boat Steve and that would just not do !


    1. I have been cautiously crossing that cockpit for days now really aware of what happened to the ankle of a mate on Liverpool Enterprise. Bloke who owns the boat is the chief of the Junk rig asscociation and a bit of a ‘theorist shall we say.


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