Monday reset.

One of my favourite images from last year was the picture of barge Vigilant alongside the dock in her mud berth at Topsham.  Since taking that picture of her last year i have walked past a dozen times and there has often been work going on but so far i haven’t had a chance to talk to the bloke doing it .  I never but never interrupt somebody when they are using power tools and its mainly been the case that each time i walk past there is something of that ilk going on. I must say that i would love to work on that rig as big working boats are way outside my experience.    Most of my trips to Topsham recently have been to just do the essential boat ‘housework’ stay on board and get some reading done and go for a walk around the marshes.  We did take up one idea from a reader and had a treat night away at the Salutation inn (with dinner) which was very good.


As i write this post for the blog its still ‘last year’ as by the time you get to read it will already be 2018 but i usually have several posts on the go at any one time .  This time its conveniently the case that the end of one year just happens to be a Sunday and my new year will start fresh and sharp on Monday morning with a reset of my diet, training, work/projects and boats plans.   The Monday morning reset is something that i have wanted to talk about several times in my fitness blog and this seemed a good moment to throw it in the blog.


The idea of the Monday morning reset is based on the reality that my ambitious training and diet plans sometimes break down for whatever reason during a working week.  It might be that the shifts have been particularly tiring and my knees, back or anything else is just hurting a lot and rucking a whole load of wet firewood up a steep slope in the rain just isn’t going to happen.  This time it’s my back problems that have kept me off the bar for most of December with another extended period of spasm and pain.  It does seem that over time i am having more frequent periods of pain and loss of mobility and its taking longer to recover so this time i decided to have several weeks just deliberately resting.      The Monday reset then is my way of dealing with a bad week : draw a line under it and get on with it all again with a fresh start on the next Monday morning.


I didn’t post much during December either because with the back problems i didn’t sail at all because there is a bit of a Catch-22 in that if i’m not fit to work and train neither am i agile enough and stable enough to heave anchors and move around the boat well.  I did crack-on with the projects at home, the last of which has been to build the scrap wood fence down one side of the upper section of the back garden which is becoming a more private space and much more of a personal ‘arty’ garden.   What i have been doing also is getting ready for what is going to be a very busy month of getting jobs done inside such as the bathroom rip-out and rebuild and finishing the garden retaining wall.    I hope to be correcting my leave of absence with a return to regular blogging and i certainly want to get some very early season sailing done.


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