I didn’t know whether to call this fitness post either setback or fail and as it has a bit of both in it i ended up calling it both.

So 14 days ago i set out on an ambitious plan to complete a series of ‘hundreds’ eg 100 days of diet, 100 days of 100 press-ups per day etc.  I got through the first 10 days just about although the diet got a tiny bit wobbly at the end.  The problem came at day 10 when  came home from work cold, tired and completely beat-up and knowing that i really had to take a rest day.  The fail element is that my actual weight bounced UP by a couple of pounds and i find that very hard to understand : been thinking about that a lot today.

Anyway i had a couple of days of not exercising and ate pretty much anything i fancied although i didn’t have a great appetite either : on the night of day 10 i didn’t really want to eat at all !     Usefully i did make the rest days coincide with a visit to the boat and went out sailing and did a fair amount of relaxing and reading.  At the end of the rest days my weight was back to where it was at the start of the 10 days except that i was a tiny bit leaner if my work scrubs are anything to go by…had to cinch the waist in a bit.

During the 10 days of exercise i did make some new progress for example that for the first time i got 35 press-ups in one set and nearly always nailed the 100 in 4 sets.  After the rest and back at work i also pushed the chin-ups to 6 and then 7 in one set.  The opposite side is that after some of the workouts during the week i felt incredibly tired and had to take a rest after the session.

Now obviously it felt like a big setback as i fully expected to be down a pound or 2 after 10 days of concentrated effort and diet and instead my weight went up.  It possible that my more generous diet for those 10 days didn’t allow me to go into ketosis (i didn’t notice being ketotic) and in fact i wonder if the extra protein and carbs on top of the consistent exercise pushed me into an anabolic state and that i increased my lean muscle mass but also retained a load of water.  This week just as an experiment i deliberately pushed myself back into ketosis during the first day back at work and notably overnight dumped a load of water as a result.  Kind of interesting results if i have found the point at which in dietary and exercise terms i can put on lean mass without adding fat.  There are a couple of other possibilities mainly based on stress…possibly the the combination of everyday exercise , normal work, maybe some less than good sleep and inadequate exercise recovery all evoked a ‘stress response’ ie a cortisol release which might explain the weight bounce.

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