I don’t know about you guys but i hate websites that are just about links to other websites and i try hard to be an original content provider but once in a while i think its a good idea to highlight other sites and other producers of content that i am enjoying. I will divide this up into some different sections to make it a bit more logical with the things that i am doing.

1.Boats and sailing. 2 websites currently stand out as having something to say, first is a series by boatbuilder Nick Gates. The series covers a bit of everything from how-to (go sailing) and how-to (mend boats). Warning : the music is pants though.

Second is Roger Barnes. Rogers series is all about cruising in his classic Ilur Dinghy, the video’s are charming and the man comes across as being a really nice bloke. The video and sound quality isn’t great and i think that Roger is at about the same stage in learning video editing as i am except that he does longer and better video’s.

2.Physical training.   Currently i dip into Jocko Willink when i need a boost, here is an example :

From what i have read Jocko is a former US Navy Seal and now has a podcast in which he talks about interesting stuff, quite a lot is about motivation, training and self discipline.


Obviously at the moment i am spending a lot of time in Dr Jordan Petersen’s classrom : i’m even beginning to recognise the regular students !

There are entire lecture series here so its hard to pick one out, plus there are lots of other channels that use short clips : here is a regular Petersen meme :



Fun stuff.

I go to Joe Rogan’s site and his podcasts quite a bit when i want a bit of fun or sometimes when he is shooting the breeze with somebody interesting :

Shadilay my friends.


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Stephen Mundane wrote :

Here’s another book link for you Steve:
Not so much made simple but made accessible and for less than 3 quid you can’t really go wrong. It helped me understand where the Pragmatic Jordan Petersen is coming from.

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