Weeks 5 and 6.

Our summer holiday is sadly over and this week both of us go back to the NHS grind : as well as that i go back into my fitness and ‘diet’ to crash myself back into ketosis with today being a 24 hr food fast until a solid meal this evening (24 hrs from last meal).

When we got back from our long road trip i was disappointed that my weight seemed to have stayed absolutely stable over the holiday despite doing a decent amount of walking and not being silly with the cakes.  My weight was just over a hundred KG before we left and exactly the same the day after we got home.  Since then its taken 2 real drops almost overnight and at about half a kilo a night so i am now down to exactly 99 kg this morning which is a real morale boost and more significantly my normal belt is in easily 1 inch which definiteley says fat loss.

Todays workout was a walk of around 5,000 steps followed by a weights routine and i pushed that a step harder today with :

First group : press-ups aiming for 3 sets of 10 but done as 12, 10, 8 and with a set of deadlift 1×10 done between each set so

Press-ups 12     Deadlift 60kg 1×10.                                                                                                     Press-ups 10     Deadlift 70kg 1×10                                                                                                       Press-ups 8        Deadlift 70kg 1×10

Second group

Overhead ‘bounce’ press 30kg 1 x10 paired with sitting dips :                                                   Dips 1×6  OHP 30kg 1×10                                                                                                                     Dips 1×7  OHP 30KG 1X10                                                                                                                     Dips 1×7   OHP 30kg 1×10

Then Press-ups 10 and deadlift 60kg 1×10.

Finisher : walk up road and back to cool off.

Thats the hardest workout so far and especially given that it was done in a low energy state.

Plans for the next 2 weeks then :

7 sessions of similar weight training

10 extended walks with slightly increased weight.

Continuation of atkins-esque ketosis induction phase.

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  1. Lucky guy, best l can do is 300 steps to the end of my driveway and back with the garbage on a dolly. Then out and up a ladder on a boat half a dozen times, regular resting the leg and shop work on a stool.
    Do the boat stuff while you can, its a good exercise regime, my weights are masts/sails/anchors.and outboard tanks.


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