Week 4.

Fitness and training blog series, end of week 4.

The end of week 4 has been a bit disappointing in that my weight is still sitting just over 100kg : 100.1 to be precise and it would have been a real boost to see it below that this morning. That means hardly any change in the last 2 weeks although we have been on holiday and we had a more ‘normal’ diet except that i was a lot more careful (generally) about the bad stuff.

On the injury side my back pain is still slowly resolving, most days its stiff and sore when i get up but improves when i get moving and especially when i walk.  Sitting for long periods is still the main problem and of course we have done some long distance driving over the last 2 weeks. This week i should be seeing the occ-health dept physio which could be entertaining as its only 4 weeks + after the initial problem !

The genuine surprise about my weight  is that we did quite a lot of walking every day except when we were driving so i had expected a more genuine small drop, on the plus side i note that my usual belt has come in an inch which does mean actual fat loss around the middle and that is a good sign that things are going the right way…..small weight changes i know can easily be affected by small changes in fluid balance and maybe lots of driving and some salty food has just made me retain a bit more water.

The only exercise we did while we were away was as i say lots of walking and i used my pedometer to record the daily score, i was aiming at a minimum daily score of >15,000 paces and ideally more like 20,000. Most days its been around 17-18k which isn’t a bad start as i can progress that over time. I have had some ongoing problems with an old ankle injury…one ankle got swollen and painful a couple of times but some of that was down to the long distance driving and endless delays.

Back home and i have done one easy session with the weights which i really didn’t enjoy…sometimes its just a grind but i know it will come back if i keep at it.

Plans :
Walking for fitness and weight loss is definitely back on the menu and luckily i have a great environment of hills and back lanes here to give me a quick daily workout. On work days i will be driving to work still but not parking on site…rather i will be parking about a mile out (free parking site) and walk in and out. That will add some useful daily distance but i also still have to resolve the workout before leaving for work : its an early start already and i know i am too tired after the shift.

I have been a lot more careful on holiday than i would normally be and at home am working back into the high protein atkins-esque induction phase again : i might do a one day fast just to kick back hard into ketosis. I have been keeping a daily food and exercise diary.
I am on the plan with free weights at home as i have achieved enough back recovery to do short and careful sessions.  Deadlift works surprisingly well given that the DL is the toughest on the back, its squats that have given me more problems so i might even dial that right back to body weight until i can get the move right again before adding weight again.
Rather than aiming for the 5x5x5 routine i described earlier i am going to work with longer and lighter sets and paired exercise routines such as 3 rounds of :

Deadlift 1×10 paired with press-ups 1 x 10
Overhead bounce press 1 x 10 paired with weighted single-leg step up.

That’s just 2 exercise pairs and not much workload yet (total of 60 moves which isn’t enough) i then really need to add a third exercise pair as soon as i can work up another one, the idea being to combine a free weights move and a body weight move. I think i might invest in a pull-up bar to fasten to the main front roof beam on the deck as that will be an ‘opposite’ move to the current ones. For various reasons my squats aren’t working well yet…i have never had a great squat : my previous trainer said my levers are too long to enable me to squat well with conventional back squat. Kb squats work better but i need a lighter KB as my boat one has gone ‘walkies’ down at the yard…maybe a 20 plate might be the answer. Next body weight move to add will possibly be dips as i just need something to put my feet up onto and then i can have a plate on my lap as i sit-dip.

Overall its all in the right direction but i’m clearly not on track to get 10kg off in 3 months which is when i could reasonably add higher intensity exercise.

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