Chaos and catastrophe.

This post is a gentle introduction to some things that i am going to attempt to post on : in a way this is the first of series of posts in response to ‘what Dylan did wrong’ in his channel and which i tried to give a careful response to.

In my last post i mentionnned Jordan B Petersen and this post is to serve as an introduction to Petersen and his work : in brief Dr Petersen is a practicing clinical Psychologist and lecturer in Psychology at the university of Toronto.  My connection here is that i am spending a lot of time in Jordan’s classroom as he has released a whole lecture series (actually several) on youtube and i am working my way through those and simultaneously trying to do the reading and studying required to get the best out of them.

To get a flavour of the man here is a modified video of Dr Petersen talking to Joe Rogan about just one recent subject that some visitors here may be vaguely aware of : in future posts i will come back to some of the extraordinary events that Petersen has been caught up in and talk about those.  The video is 8 minutes long and well worth the time, if you have the time then its also worth watching the whole Joe Rogan interview with Dr Petersen as he explains a lot of what is currently happening in that.


Ignore these posts if they aren’t your thing, i will try and flag them up in some way as being outside the usual genre i cover although in time i think you will come to see the relevance of this side of things.    The introduction of these posts stems from the last post when i started to talk about boats and environments being extensions of their owners (just like their houses, their cars, their gardens etc) such that we will sometimes see the nature of the person as expressed in their boat.

In relation to Dylan’s political post, which i still feel he wrong-footed, this is also an introduction to steering a steady course through the toxic and weird internet of today and in a way an introduction to discussions here about more serious themes.

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