Chewing on the fatty bits.

I have got just one weekend and 2 work days of being boat deprived and then i should have 8 days free to sail so i am watching the weather very closely to see what i might be able to do : right now there is a potential short weather slot to get around the lizard and get the boat to Newlyn/Penzance for a jumping-off point to the Scillies.  Its a bit early but a definite maybe !, otherwise the weather window then closes and the obvious thing to do becomes a cruise back to the east and a continuation of the voyage plan as it was. So for work colleagues that think i have gone a bit stir-crazy recently its just an awful affliction that us boatowners have ie ‘lackofboatitis’…..normal-ish behaviour should be resumed any week now.

Having just got the next mooring bill from Mylor it strikes me that i really need to get away from there now even given that i have really enjoyed being there.  Meanwhile i have been working on the practical side of planning : don’t worry , there isn’t yet another boat plan but rather a bit more flesh on the bones of the current ones. Today for example i emailed the seller of the local GK29 to ask for more photographs : she called me to tell me where to find them on the web but also said that the boat was all-but sold except that the potential buyer hadn’t produced any hard cash yet and i could have the boat right now,  if i had the money.  Well i haven’t but we had a nice chat about why i am looking for a GK, the lady owner already has a newer and larger boat that she is cruising which is the main reason why her GK is at the clearance price that it is.  For me its that old problem of either getting a cheap ‘cooking’ version and start the refit project or get a much nicer one and sail it sooner but not be able to do things like the keel conversion. This one for example looks very nice : things i notice is that the standing rigging has been replaced, the engine looks ok, the gear is reasonable for the boat etc.   What i am less sure about are the sails as the broker doesn’t say much about them and there only seems to be a main and a furling genoa, date unknown.  At that price it makes the keel conversion un do-able and thats a critical component of my cruising needs.  With the boat also at a good interior standard it also becomes a shame to start ripping it out….again ideally what i need is the racing version with a tall rig and open interior and mess about with that.

Shame to mess with this : 66228302_wm


So the process i am going through now is working up the potential project plan costs in terms of actual budget and work : that takes in the initial purchase price, the cost of having a designer draw the keel and have that fabricated or cast, the potential costs of new rigging and sails if needing replacement and time/material costs for altering the interior (that’s possibly the smallest cost here).  Against that i am doing a similar exercise with the time/use value of the potential boat compared with a smaller boat.

This project is of course the current ‘C’ boat project and where ‘B’ is the larger/faster trailer sailer and ‘A’ is just about maximising the use of the liberty.  Project B now has a more formal stance with getting a similar approach to the process for the larger potential cruising boat but has different parameters : i have started thinking of project ‘B’ as now having 3 components ie 1.The boat, 2.The trailer and 3.The towing vehicle as what it would really need to work well is a grunty towing vehicle like the one i have now but which is now showing its age (just like its owner) and probably only has a couple of useful years left so really i have to think about replacing the car at about the same time as the boat and at this stage that puts both projects on a very similar costing. The extension of the argument here though is that the trailer-sailer needs a powerful car to tow it just like my current Pajero and also as long as i continue to work i have to run a car just so that i can get to work, in a way work, boat and car go together in a cohesive package.  With the potential larger boat its different in that the GK29 project would never be a trailer-sailer and wouldn’t require me to keep running such a powerful and expensive to run/maintain vehicle.  Equally if i decide that i have totally had enough of working then all bets are off and its the Liberty or nothing !.

Yeah ! my head hurts too.


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