Heavy breathing detected.

My wordpress account has just congratulated me on having published my 100th blog post and so to celebrate i am going to indulge in a spot of boat fantasy.

In a previous post i may have mentionned how much i admire the French ‘OVNI’ range for being well thought out, well built and equipped genuine cruising boats that can be beached and will easily go ‘ocean’.  They are stratospherically out of my price range unless i sell the house and the girlfriend or win the lottery….not going to happen is it ?, but the real fantasy boat has always been a slightly smaller and quirkier boat : the Freedom 35.  Its actually 33 feet and there are 3 different hull/keel configurations that i know of, going back a few years and i oh-so nearly put an offer in on one of these in the days when i earnt a full working salary.  This one and this post has purely come about because i wanted to do a continuation of my ‘Dutch’ post by talking about the galley design for my potential long term cruising boat which is likely to need an interior re-design.  The Freedom in the pictures is a Dutch boat but even i couldn’t be bothered with painful puns today but the original purpose of highlighting this design is purely down to the galley design and is the basis for my sketches for the PCBP.


The Freedom has an off-centre companionway and then a linear layout one side with a galley and chart table to Stbd and a settee/potential double berth opposite with a centreboard case down the middle.  The exact layout differs between variants as the long keel version doesn’t have the centreboard but keeps the linear galley.  This is though the version of the boat i always wanted, they aren’t the best sailing boats upwind (the long keel is better) fine offwind and they have a decent engine to take over for light upwind which is where this boat and incidntally my Liberty both struggle.

This version comes down to about 3 feet draught with the board up , needs a pair of legs to beach but dries out pretty level as seen here i presume on a dutch sandbank…ideal !.


These are genuine liveaboard cruising boats : had i not put my funds into the cottage here it is the boat that i would have bought, now if i had one i would have a very different life.  There is one of these in my local yard and i keep trying to photograph it but all i can get is its bum…just can’t get far enough away so this is why i have taken these pictures from the internet.


  1. Great plan, sailed a cananndian built US model from LA down to porta vallarta via cabo san lucas. Fine sea boat, room for two in quarer berth and layout perf for living aboard for a few months. Centerboard case got in the way at first but came to love it. Long self, bum brace, and lexan top for viewing the bottom or sharks.easy access for cb hoist too. All to lloyds 100a1.
    With the mizzen drifter held a c&c 36 on a reach so performance ws good. Even sailed the 70′ uk build with garry hoyt after the twostar girls raced it from the uk to RI in 1981? Gary circled around a pearson 36 without touching the sheets to demo the rig. No fear of gybes downwind as booms can lead spars and lessen rolling . Love them. My friens boat sold here on ontario for $50k cdn, say £32k bp. Still a bit rich for me, my wife has all the money anyways, but did buy the Oughtred wee seal mk2 for us. Guess l’ll smuff alonf in my old v20 for a bit.


  2. I remember the boat, there being 2 of them at one time around the hamble. By local accounts they weren’t as good boats as others in the same range. One local yacht designer said that the 35 and 40 are very good boats but that the 28/30 just didn’t sail well. Incidentally i have always liked the little 21 as a weekender and did at one time try to buy the only 25′ on the south coast.


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