Garden post.

Unfortunately mostly not one of mine though.

Some friends will know that i tried to retire a few years ago and take on a small cottage with very large gardens : the idea being to become a partially self-sufficient vegetable gardener.  Over time i will do write a few posts about what i have done here , for now i just wanted to post a few pictures that i found when i was sorting and editing my photo files last week.    Apart from the lead picture the photos below are all from a walled vegetable garden we found almost within the site of the chateau at Azay le Rideau in the Loire valley, the area was highlighted in a book about wild-swimming in France so we took a look at the village while we were camped in the area.260



The plan here seemed to be an almost formal layout of paths, beds and these simple vertical pergola structures and all bounded by a wall on 3 sides and a hedge on the 4th. I don’t know much about garden design but this seems to be similar to the walled kitchen gardens of the bigger estates over here but done with a whole load more charm.  I didn’t even recognise a lot of what was growing although just about every surface was being used for something so there were climbing plants along the walls and some beginning to take on the pergolas.

This is the kind of thing that i wanted to do with my own gardens except that i realised early on that i couldn’t grow in the clay ground here because its a previous mine spoil area with lots of heavy metals in the clay so everything has to go in deep beds but i do like the idea of a semi-formal garden but one that is set up for productive growing.

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