Go West.

Sorry folks (not really) but i just had to do it : so from modern finger-style guitar via German heavy metal we get to 70’s total gay disco !…and yes we are going west. There really isn’t an eastabout version is there ? at least none that i know of.  I am surprised but pleased to be going that way because i have a great boat now for the creeks and rivers of the west country : a place that isn’t known for creeks and rivers but rather better known as a bold coast with deep water ports like Falmouth, Fowey and Plymouth but just take a look at some charts or google-earth if you will and have a look at the rivers and creeks above Falmouth.

When i got back from my delivery trip down to Fowey i went straight around to the yard to let boss-man Chris or boss-girl Julia know that i had left the yard : Chris had already made the assumption that i had gone and already nabbed my spot alongside the wall for ‘Spirit’. We had a long talk about west-country cruising as i really only know the ports as jumping off points for France and beyond or from racing past it…oh look there’s the Lizard kind of thing !.

I only have a couple of days to work and then i am planned leave again : we have worked out the logistics of getting me and then my partner to the boat with minimal use of cars…parking is a PITA anywhere near Fowey now and expensive at the boat park where the boat is alongside now.  Mylor yacht harbour say that they can accommodate me when i get there for a few weeks as i intend that the Falmouth rivers will be a good place to sail and easy for me to get to and from there on the train or with the car.

Hey ! just imagine what we can do if i ever get to a post about the Andrew.

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